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250 free GrabNGo bands for you!

29 Jan

Check out our review and claim you free GrabNGo Band !


Grab it N use it!

27 Jan

Grabngo band
Sometimes it’s the most simple idea that makes the best products.
How many times have you leave home and forget your keys, wallet, credit card, cash, … ?
It won’t happen anymore with the Grab N Go!
Grab N Go is born and will allow you to bring together your phone (the thing you have in your hand 24/7) and your keys, wallet, credit card, cash, …

But you can be creative, my friend uses it to stop losing her reading glasses and guess what, it then makes a stand for your phone!

Useful, light and colourful (you can pick your GrabNGoBand, from a choice of 10 different colours) and cheap ($5.00 for 5) once you try it you won’t do without it!
The first 250 of you guys will receive a free GrabNGo Band, you just have to sign in (only valid if you are US-based).

Grabngo band image image

More infos
. Follow @GrabNGoBand
. official website GrabNGo

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