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It’s party time everyday!

21 Jun

Coming straight from Kickstarter, the guys from Power Practical founded their project and started to produce the Luminoodle.

I backed the project because it answers some of my needs

. An extra lamp powerful and portable

. An extra lamp that you could be used without a power outlet thanks to a tiny external battery (the LEDs are not hungry on energy)

. An extra lamp versatile enough to hang or stay in its pouch to brighten my indoor and outdoor

. An extra lamp that can face the real world and which is not fragile

I received my Luminoodle XL (10ft, $29,99) in its little pouch and I love it!
I use it everywhere, everyday, all the time.

The Lumidoodle looks like a xmas fairy light designed for everyday use…

More about Power Practical


This doctor is cool!

4 Aug

Photo 16-07-2014 10 19 38 pmYour knee is hurting since your weekly run?
You twisted your ankle during a soccer match?
Pain in the elbow after a tennis match against your former BFF? …

Basically you are in pain and you need help!

You already stole the pack of green peas in the fridge or a steak and tried to strap it to the wounded you.
It’s a little relief but it doesn’t look cool, isn’t efficient and also you taking the food outside the mouth of your kids!

Leave the fridge alone and now check out what the doctor, DrCool has to propose you!

DrCool invented the 1st wrap that combines cold and compression.
Let’s talk about the wraps and how to use it for compression and in the next article we will discover the cold …

You have 3 wraps: small ($24,99), medium ($29,99) and large ($34,99).
. The small works for the wrist, ankle, elbow
. The medium is perfect for knee, head, elbow
. The large will relieve you back, leg, …

I never been good at wrapping a wound but with this wrap it’s easy, anyone can wrap as a pro even if you are not a first-aid worker …
I did some exercises home to show you how to wrap.
The small wrap works for

Small wrap for the wrist

the wrist

Small wraps for the ankle

the ankle

Small wraps works for the elbow

the elbow

The medium wrap works for

DrCool Recovery

the knee

The large wrap works for

the leg

the leg

the thighs

the thigh

the back

the back

The great thing about those wraps is that you can wear them at home after you hurt yourself for immediate relieve of the pain but you can also wear them while practicing your sport for extra support!
Next time, we will explore the icy part of the DrCool wraps, stay tuned and give back the pack of green peas!

More infos
. Official DrCool website
. Like DrCool Facebook page
. Follow @drCoolwraps
. Instagram drcoolswraps
. Buy DrCool Virtual Soccer

Thanks for your help: Jim, @chuckV, @jibfabre and @mrikichou

4 cool projects to back

3 May

I’ve been browsing on Kickstarter and discovered some great projects worth mentioning to you.
20130503-142958.jpg1. The Statement Bike Rack, a piece of art and also a bike rack!
I wish I had a bike when I see the great piece of art created by Daniel Sculnick from California.

2. The Bootlegger Modular Pack System, in short The backpack you need!
Great suspension system on which you’ll be able to assemble one of the 3 available bags: the Torpedo Hydration pack, the Scrimshaw Dry bag or the Hoppy Day Pack. Basically choose the bag right to your adventure style of the moment … Created by the Boreas Gear in San Francisco.

3. The D*table, the table I have been looking for … Not just a table, many tables in one based on a mathematica formula, how cool is that ? Very cool! Architects and designers David Ben-Grünberg and Daniel Woolfson are based in UK.

4. Glowing plants, you’ll cut your electricity bill with those plants or just have fun whatching them grow. I don’t have the green hand, but I am very tempted to try grow those smart bulbs. Created by Anthony Evans.

Those projects have not been founded yet, they need help.

More infos on
. The Statement Bike Rack
. The Bootlegger Modular Pack System
. The D*table
. Glowing plants
. Kickstarter

Check our review on the crowd founding “Did you back anyone today?” and an interview of Ryan Crabtree who successfully funded his Crabby Wallet.

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