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No more Safari on my iPhone!

23 Jan

imageI love my iPhone.
I can do so much stuff with it: working, playing, writing my blog, … I help my friends and contacts with its use, choosing the right apps that will answer their needs but sometimes all goes very wrong.

And it did for my friend who didn’t have Safari installed on her brand new out-of-the-box iPhone 5S and this was weird, very weird!
Because Safari, Music, FaceTime, iTunes Store, in-app purchase, Siri, AirDrop are all built-in whatever-you-do apps that are always installed on your iPhones, iPad.

We went to the Mothership, also called AppleStore, and discussed this with genius Daniel who introduced us to the Restriction menu.

The Restriction menu is an option you can active and disable by a code to select the built-in apps you want to use or not.

Let’s say you are offering an iPhone to your child and don’t want him/her to buy in-app purchases. You can turn it off and no more pop ins during games asking if you want to buy an extra pack …
All you have to do is create a 4 digits code (that you have to remember) to trigger the option or not.

Now, like us, you know how to solve this and Safari is back on the phone!

image image image

It’s all about data, part2 … what about your phone ?

5 Nov

I’m with my favorite subject of the moment, the phone communications, the data and the apps you can use … check yesterday review.
Now, I’ve build you a sweet little table with the apps out there and the phones compatible.
I hope you will like it.

It’s all about data!

4 Nov

Photo 24-10-2013 3 10 43 pmPhone communication evolves and is slowly disappearing to be replaced by data consumption.
You continue to talk but you use Skype or FaceTime, no more regular calls especially if you call family, friends or business relations living abroad.
You can also chat/message your friends with greats apps ready to be downloaded on your beloved cell phone.
You’ll notice that depending on the region of the world you are in or the cell phone you are using, you’ll switch from one messaging app to another to contact your friends.
So, let’s tour the world of the data communication together and discover this new world ready to welcome you.

Basically the messaging apps promise you a service “à la carte” between all those utilities:
. free audio, video calls,
. free text messaging,
. and also free files transfers of images, video messages, audio messages

. Skype, video and audio chat, as well as instant messaging. You can see if your contacts are on or offline (even if it’s not always accurate). If you want to call regular phone numbers you may do so after buying minutes to Skype.

MetroUI-Apps-Skype-icon Photo 25-10-2013 7 18 56 pm Photo 25-10-2013 7 19 18 pm

. FaceTime, Apple app built-in your iPhone. Video and audio chat are available. The video quality is better than Skype one but I can’t message my contact at the same time. Now FaceTime works on 3G and wifi. That’s my favorite.

6a0120a5580826970c019b0046aaf8970d-800wi Photo 26-10-2013 10 10 04 am Photo 26-10-2013 10 09 03 am

. What’s App, one of the best messaging app out there. Your ID is linked to your telephone number* (sim card inside the phone). Chat messaging, audio calls and Hold-To-Talk available as well as images transfer. I use it daily.

whatsapp Photo 26-10-2013 10 01 24 am Photo 26-10-2013 10 01 30 am
Photo 26-10-2013 10 01 17 am Photo 26-10-2013 10 01 37 am

. WeChat, China.
I discovered this app recently during a trip to Beijing and basically everyone there is using WeChat to communicate. So with my Chinese colleagues and business relationships, and I, now use WeChat. Your address book contacts already using WeChat will appear in your WeChat contacts list (same on Viber, FaceTime and Whatsapp).
On top of the classic services of chatting, you’ll have cute emoticons (called stickers) ready to be downloaded for free or against paiement. You can also post “Moments”, kind of status you use in Facebook. I’ll stick to messaging, sharing pictures and voice messaging.

icon_256-1 Photo 24-10-2013 9 35 12 pm Photo 24-10-2013 9 35 16 pm

. Line, Japan.
On your screen: text messaging, free audio and video. You will also be able to send videos and pictures to your contacts.

line-app-logo Photo 24-10-2013 9 43 08 pm

. KakaoTalk, South Korea.
Free chat and audio calls. Possibility to share images , contacts and location, as well as Hold-To-Talk message your contact

icon_256 Photo 24-10-2013 9 43 39 pm

. Tango, USA.
Audio and video calls, text messaging, images/videos and Hold-To-Talk messages. Possibility to play games and see which games is being played by a contact.

102111_app_tango Photo 24-10-2013 9 36 05 pm

. FaceBook Messenger
Great app to message your contacts who are constantly on Facebook.
You will be able to send them pictures too.

Facebook-MessengerLarge Photo 26-10-2013 9 08 42 am Photo 26-10-2013 9 07 50 am

. Viber, audio calls as well as text messages.
Possibility to send photo and videos, to record a video and to take a picture. Also you can share your location and send a doodle to your contacts.

 viber  Photo 26-10-2013 9 24 01 am  Photo 24-10-2013 9 42 27 pm

As you see, there are plenty of communication apps out there. Now, your choice will depend on the service your friends, family and business relationships are using AND ALSO on the phone you are using and it’s operating system (iOS, Android, Symbian, blackberry, …).

I’m using FaceTime, Skype, Whatsapp, WeChat and now the new BBM for iPhone!
BUT if you don’t have data wherever you are you have to downgrade to texts … It’s the last thing that works when nothing is working anymore …

*If, like me, you have an unlocked phone, and you buy prepaid wherever you are traveling and you use WhatsApp (when the message appears on the screen “it’s a new phone number would you like to register it ?”, say NO and your WhatsApp ID will stay the one you used home!
*Because you will be using datas, I’ll suggest to check out your subscription with your telecom operator to see if it fits your communication pattern.
*Also, monitor your data usage with this free (but ugly app) called MyDataMgr you will avoid the bad surprise when you fly home and receive your phone invoice …
*If you own a Blackberry, I heard you will be able to download those apps through the Android shop, I will check it out and share with you soon

10 photo apps for your iPhone

11 Jun

2013-06-07 21.13.33
Now that you know what to do with your zillion pictures on your iPhone, let’s play with your pictures with great apps that will correct, enhance your memories. Check those apps out!
1. Magic Frame, 0,99$, with paid upgrade to have more frames
Great to “tell a story” with selected pictures you put in a frame.

Photo 18-05-13 10 32 35 AM Photo 18-05-13 10 32 53 AM (HDR)

2. PS Express (Photoshop express), free
Easy to retouch pictures (light, colour, contrast, …), with this app you can retouch your pictures from your phone.

Photo 18-05-13 9 26 56 AM Photo 18-05-13 9 27 10 AM Photo 18-05-13 9 27 14 AM
Photo 18-05-13 9 27 17 AM Photo 18-05-13 9 27 20 AM

3. Notica, 0,99$
Immortalise good memories by creating a postcard.

Photo 18-05-13 9 34 23 AM Photo 18-05-13 9 34 57 AM Photo 18-05-13 9 36 21 AM
Photo 18-05-13 9 36 25 AM Photo 18-05-13 9 36 33 AM

4. Halftone, 0,99$
Give a comic style to your pictures with paper effects, borders, filters and dot sizes.

Photo 19-05-13 11 28 16 AM Photo 19-05-13 11 28 23 AM Photo 19-05-13 11 28 53 AM
Photo 19-05-13 11 27 47 AM

5. Radar Cast, 1,99$
This apps will tell you all about the weather wherever you are in the world but you’ll also be able to immortalize this great moment with a “Radar Cast”-picture to share with your friends and family. You can do the same with instaWeather but you won’t have the weather forecast…

Photo 29-05-13 7 35 57 PM

6. Colorsplash, 0,99$
Apply the great black and white/colors pictures effect to your very own ones. Expect smashing results!

Photo 18-05-13 9 52 40 AM Photo 18-05-13 9 53 16 AM Photo 18-05-13 9 55 45 AM

7. Camera +, 0,99$
Lots of manuals settings to be used when you take the focus (auto focus, zoom, exposure settings, continuous flash, self timer, advanced shooting modes, stabilizer … for those of you who don’t settle for standard options.

Photo 2-06-13 10 45 23 AM Photo 2-06-13 10 45 41 AM Photo 2-06-13 10 46 20 AM
Photo 2-06-13 10 46 16 AM Photo 2-06-13 10 47 38 AM

8. iPhoto, 4,99$
App created by Apple. With this app, you’ll be able to retouch pictures (light, color, sharp/blur, …), add effects to your pictures, but also create journals to share with family and friends (not really useful anymore with the built-in PhotoStream to share your pictures). I use it mainly to lightnen faces on pictures when too dark.

Photo 7-06-13 9 07 31 PM Photo 7-06-13 9 09 41 PM Photo 7-06-13 9 09 47 PM
Photo 7-06-13 9 30 46 AM Photo 7-06-13 9 10 10 PM

9. InstaWeather/InstaFood, free
Geo-located app tagging your pictures with the location wherever you are. Sweet and easy, great effect on Instagram and Facebook guaranteed.

Photo 7-06-13 9 26 04 PM Photo 7-06-13 9 26 12 PM Photo 7-06-13 9 26 14 PM
Photo 2-06-13 10 08 09 AM Photo 2-06-13 9 18 14 AM

10. 360, 0,99$
Great app to complement the Panoramic option of your iPhone that will enable you to take 360 pictures. With a little bit of practice you’ll take smashing 360 pictures. Then you can “flatten” and save your pictures on your camera roll (less waouw-effect but still cool)

Photo 30-05-13 8 50 15 AM Photo 30-05-13 8 50 35 AM Photo 30-05-13 8 50 56 AM
Photo 30-05-13 8 51 30 AM Photo 30-05-13 8 51 48 AM Photo 30-05-13 8 52 09 AM

Don’t hesitate to combine the apps to create the best effect, for example here I took a picture that I transformed in black and white and only revealed the colors I wanted (color Snap app) then I saved it and imported in the Notica app to have it saved on the camera roll as a postcard.

Photo 7-06-13 5 46 19 PM Photo 7-06-13 5 46 19 PM (1) Photo 7-06-13 9 39 23 PM

PS: thanks to Mimi-the dag for her modeling in this article 😉

Small talk in the lift ?

29 Apr

Small talk in the lift ? Let’s prep you with the good infos about the weather.
What do you talk about with your colleagues when enter the lift the morning when you arrive at the office ? You talk about the weather of course !
But you don’t have all the informations, so let’s browse the apps that are out there giving you the best weather forecast.

1. The built-in Weather widget
Advantages: free, built-in, hour by hour and weekly forecasts, low/high temperatures, you can add as many favourite countries as you like, part of the notification center.
Disadvantages: not as completed as could be (no UV, precipitation chances, …).

Photo 21-04-13 10 09 55 AM

2. The weather channel
Advantages: free and paid-app, all is in, UV index, dew point, sunrise and sunset, humidity, visibility and pressure.
Disadvantages: adds in the free apps, paid-app for 3,99$.

Photo 21-04-13 10 13 37 AM Photo 21-04-13 10 13 43 AM Photo 21-04-13 10 13 49 AM
Photo 21-04-13 10 13 54 AM

3. Solar, free
Graphical and beautiful app, pull down to see the next 3 days low/hights forecasted temperatures.
Double-tap the main screen for a split screen with the temp of your favorite cities.
Advantages: free and beautiful, as many bookmarked places as you wish but then you have to slide to switch from one page to another.
Disadvantages: only the temp and forecast for next 3 days.

Photo 21-04-13 10 12 02 AM Photo 21-04-13 10 57 37 AM

4. Haze, 2,69euros
This is a great and beautiful app, full of infos. 3 main screens present the 3 key infos (hours of sun, temperature and chance of rain).
. Hours of sun: sunrise/sunset, % clouds, UV.
. Temperature: high/low, wind speed, feels like temperature.
. Chance of rains: humidity, inch of water expected, pressure, humidity.
Advantages: beautiful interface, one tap on the central number and it reveals additional informations.
Disadvantages: none.

Photo 21-04-13 10 12 43 AM Photo 21-04-13 10 12 47 AM Photo 21-04-13 10 12 52 AM

5. NOAA Radar Pro, 0,89$
The reference when it comes to weather and forecast. It is a great and beautiful app full of infos.
Advantages: all you dream about weather is here (feels like temperature, pressure, humidity, wind, visibility, dew point, 7 days forecast, hour by hour forecast). Bookmarks for your favorite cities.
Disadvantages: none.

Photo 21-04-13 10 31 21 AM Photo 21-04-13 10 09 32 AM Photo 21-04-13 10 09 55 AM

6. Ultraviolet

An ultraviolet index viewer. Geolocalisation an possibility to check the UV index wherever in the world.
Advantages: easy and simple.
Disadvantages: none.

Photo 21-04-13 10 11 49 AM

If you only need one, I would go for the Haze and the NOAA app which bring me all what I need (I know it’s 2 … ;-). Those are complementary to the use of my portable solar panel 😉

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