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Sent by my iPhone? What about your e-mail signature?

17 Mar

imageWhat’s your signature ?
When you send a mail with a smartphone, you have an automatic not-always-wanted signature at the bottom of your mail.
For the iPhone, it simply says “sent by my iPhone” but I’m sure that, like me, you would like to customise it!

Let’s do this in 3 clicks on your iPhone!
. ClickOne, Go to “Settings
. ClickTwo, select “Mails/Contacts/Calendars”
. Then scroll down to ClickThree “Signature
You can have one signature for all your email accounts or one for each account.
I decided to customise my signature for each account (one professional and one personal).

imageNow, it’s your turn 😉 but here is the tip: type your data, don’t copy/paste your signature from a mail or doc because then when you type your messages, the automatic warp won’t work and you will be written “outside” your screen and it’s a pain …

Panoramic pictures ?

14 Apr

Photo 11-04-13 1 09 59 PMOf course you know that you can take panoramic pictures with your iPhone 4S and iPhone 5.

(For those you don’t, just act like you know and do the following, tap the photo app and “Options“, then “Panorama“).

But did you know you could switch from “left to right” to “right to left pictures” ? How ? By simply tapping on the arrow.

Photo 12-04-13 3 05 24 PM Photo 12-04-13 3 05 28 PM Photo 12-04-13 3 04 41 PM
Photo 12-04-13 3 04 49 PM Photo 12-04-13 3 04 56 PM

Here you go! Happy photo to you!

Blink my cable ?

6 Apr

I discover the Visible Green USB-Dock Connector cables online.
Photo 6-03-13 8 43 59 PM (HDR)The concept is pretty cool.
The cable uses electroluminescence to show the electrical current flowing through the cable to your iPhone/iPad.
Basically the light goes faster, slower or turns off depending on the charging level of your battery level.
The great thing is that it turns automatically the charging off when the iPhone/iPad is fully charged, sparing your portable battery or cutting down your electricity consumption … Pretty clever !

ChaseIt or BChased ?
ChaseIt because
. It’s a cool accessory, the blinking had a 100% wow effect on my colleagues.
. It will look cool next to you bed if you don’t have a night light.
. The price is 19,90$ (19$ for the regular Apple cable).

BChased because
. The cable is thicker and less flexible than the original cable provided by Apple (the led are integrated in the middle of the cable).
. The 30-pins is way thicker than the original one and won’t stick in your iPad or iPhone depending on the case you use to protect your device.
. The 30-pins to micro-USB doesn’t fit properly on the cable.

Photo 6-03-13 2 49 47 PM (HDR) Photo 6-03-13 2 48 55 PM Photo 6-03-13 2 46 43 PM

PS: breaking news, just discovered the Magic Link (price 49euros) which looks more serious cable … need to try this out …

Because your ears are not round !

21 Mar

Photo 15-03-13 12 25 13 PMWhen I bought my iPhone 5 it came in a sweet box with the brand new ApplePhoto 15-03-13 12 31 12 PM (HDR) earphones.
The ones made for your ears … And because they are not round the earplug is not round anymore (that’s what they said in the ad).
Sounds like a nice marketing idea. Actually the earphone fits well in your ears, but I had to get used to it.

The great thing about the apple earphones is that there are always hidden functions that you will never use or you will discover by accident. To speed up the process, I decided to bring you up to speed in no time, read what follows.
Photo 15-03-13 12 24 23 PM (HDR)1. If you are using your earphones to have phone conversations
. For an incoming call, 1xtap the center button to answer
. While done, 1xtap to hang up
. To send a call you don’t want to answer to the voice mail, long press the center button
. While already engaged in a phonecall, 1xtap the center button to switch to the new call

2. If you are using your earphones to listen to music
. To fast-forward a song, tap the center button twice and long-press on the second tap
. To rewind a song, 3xtap + 1 long-press on the third tap
. To skip a song, 2xtap
. To go to the previous song, 3xtap
. To stop or launch the music, 1xtap

3. If you are taking pictures
You can use the up or down button to take pictures

4. If you want to talk to Siri, long press the center button (for 4s and 5 users)

#EasyPay, easy go

12 Mar

easypay-apple-storeIn less than a week, I visited  2 times the AppleStore Opera in Paris … I’m so weak when it comes to technology …

When I was ready to pay for my product, a blue shirt guy said “would you like to pay with your iPhone?“.
What ?
Pay with my iPhone ? How ? Can I do that ?
“Yes!”, he said with #EasyPay.

To do so, download the free app “AppleStore“.
. Tap it open and it will find the shop where you are in, asking you to use the #EasyPay solution.
. You scan the product, your phone display the product and price and ask you to pay.
. You type in your iTunes login and password and for your 1st buy the security code on the back of the bank card linked to your account).
Then there it is, a beautiful receipt of your product.

Photo 12-03-13 9 21 39 PM Photo 12-03-13 4 52 21 PM Photo 12-03-13 9 12 38 PM

That was fun and effective.
Well done Apple! I’ll be back!

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