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Eye of the tiger, for you too !

17 Apr

So you wear nice eyewear but you are thinking to switch to contact lenses.
But it’s a pain to wear contact lenses too, you have to put them on when you wake up, take them off when you go to bed, then you forget them in and all is blurry when you wake up the day after …
The solution is permanent contact lenses that you wear for 30 straight nights and days. The lenses are porous so they let the eyes breath (even when you close your eyes and sleep), and you only change them once a month (reducing the risks of bacteria in your eyes when you manipulate your lenses).
I wear them for 1 year now, changing them every month, and it’s great!
Give it a try and now you can choose nice sunglasses to look cool this summer !
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  • Air Optix Night & Day
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