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Smelly cheese? 

2 Jun

Let’s make some cheese … cashew nuts cheese of course!

There’s a new fancy restaurant in downtown Miami and they are all about plants.
They also give cooking classes … I don’t really care about cooking classes but when my friends started talking about cheese made with cashew nuts … I was in!

Timing and pricing was not easy to match so I decided to surf the web and I found lots of recipes, hop on Amazon and boom the ingredients were delivered in no time …

I’m ready to experiment the cashew nuts cheese.

My Amazon list is the following

The rest of the shopping list you should have home,

  • 1/4 cup water, adjust for the consistence you like
  • 1/4 cup fresh lemon juice,
  • 1 teaspoon salt,
  • 1/2 teaspoon onion powder,
  • 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder,

This is what you need for the plain no added-flavor cashew nuts cheese.

I decided to make it with a hint of sesame taste so I added

Let’s hit the kitchen and try to make some cheese …

The cashew nuts were soaked last night, let’s drain it and pour it all in my trusteed Nutribullet and blend it together with all the ingredients from the list above.

It’s doesn’t look like cheese … it’s more a spread … an healthy spread (I like it crunchy, so I leave some cashew crumbs).

You can regulate the thickness of the spread by adding more water.

It’s great on soft tacos, with nachos or on bread!

It’s so easy to make and I love it. I’ll start exploring different seasonings for different tastes …

PS: I’m not turning vegan, nor gluten free I still love my jerky … but this is a great and healthy recipe.

Going electric? Even on the pavement!

19 Aug

Photo 15-08-13 9 23 13 AMToday, I decided to test the Solowheel, an urban solution to walkers to stop walking and start gliding in style on the pavement.
Photo 14-08-13 4 49 22 PMAfter some discussion with Vincent, the distributor of Solowheel in Europe and here I was both feet on the foot pedals on each side of the wheel.

Let’s start with the beginning. What is the Solowheel ? It’s an individual electric way of transportation.
Under the hood there’s a gyro-stabilized electric unicycle. Lean forward and you will ride, lean back and it breaks, can’t be easier!

Ok, now that I had the basics, I push carefully the switch on, put a first foot on the foldable foot platform, the 2nd foot on the other foot platform and I was ready to start my initiation.
First, there’s no noise … Of course it’s electric!
The lateral balance is not easy to find, so I started my first meter of urban glide with the help of Vincent who nicely held my arm. Then, I continued the practice with the help of a handrail.

When I lost balance I just jumped out and the wheel just stopped.
Be careful not to touch the wheel, just the handle and the switch to avoid contact with the moving wheel on your legs or fingers.
Then, I pushed the switch of and on again and hop on to continue the practicing.

After an hour, although I’m not ready to cruise the city, I need to sleep on it and I think that next sessions will be easier and I will leave the handrail and extend my perimeter of autonomy.

Photo 15-08-13 9 29 18 AM Photo 16-08-13 10 36 24 AM Photo 15-08-13 9 30 06 AM

The whole Solowheel is strong and will survive the beginner trials until ready to devour the road (and you can change any part if needed).
The Solowheel is strongly built, the handle is easy to grab and to carry.

Charged in one hour , it will give you an autonomy of 11km/6,35miles, plenty enough to reach the office or cruising downtown.

Photo 15-08-13 9 38 36 AMThis is definitively a great urban “personal mover” to consider: compact, easy to store and fast to charge. But like any other activity, no pain no gain, so after a little bit of practice, you’ll be the queen or king of the asphalt!

Photo 15-08-13 9 25 24 AM. Charged in one hour and half
. 11 km autonomy
. 11kg, 22Lb
. 1000W motor power
. Lithium iron phosphate 122 Wh battery which will last 1000 charge cycles
. Built-in handle to carry it around at the office, in the bus, … but not too far away because it’s heavy
. Priced under the 2Keuros (1.899euros)

ChaseIt or BChased ?
I would ChaseIt because
. it’s really the future of personal transportation for cities like Paris, NY, London, Brussels, … where it will really cut your time walking and expand your perimeter of action without using your car
. it’s a stylish and cool urban way to move around
. it’s easy to charge
. it’s less expensive than a Segway
BChased if
. you don’t want to practice to use it

More info about the SolowheelPhoto 16-08-13 10 34 55 AM
. Official French website
. Like SoloWheel Facebook page
. Contact Vincent ( for questions or a trial
. US Solowheel website

Frequent flyer ? Frequent drinker !

5 Feb

2013-01-24 23.41.35I discovered this drink on the way back home from Melbourne to Paris ( 20.000km, more than 24hours flight) .
In the duty free, a nice salesperson walked me through the benefits of 1Above.
This drink is supposed to help people flying to recover faster after a flight.

What are the dangers lurking when you fly ?
Dehydration and nutrition issues.
Dehydration, because during the flight, the air on the plane is dry, so dry that it is dryer than in the desert!
The drink is good, better tasting than plain water, easy to drink.

2013-01-24 23.16.12 2013-01-24 23.17.00 2013-01-24 23.16.53

2013-01-25 07.46.33What are the benefits ?

  • 6 essential electrolytes for fast hydration. This will help to reduce fatigue, support the mucus defence and the circulation
  • B- vitamins, to fight jet lag
  • Low calories drink
  • Drink containing polyphenol supposed to reduce jet lag and help the circulation

1Above is available in 2 sizes

  • The 100ml Concentrate bottle, good for 4-5 hours flight, need to be diluted in a 900ml bottle of water. Designed to be taken through customs.
  • The 1litter bottle, good for 4-5 hours flight, ready to drink.

Where can you buy it ?

  • You can buy it in selected airports (Melbourne, Sydney, Auckland), 1Above is working on expansion as we speak
  • Or online at (shipping fees are free if you order more than 20 bottles)

More infos

Thanks to Roger for his help answering my questions.

Need socks ?

30 Jul

What’s more stupid than a sock ? Two socks ?
Nope, socks can be your ally for better performance while practicing high level sport or simply for comfort when just hanging around.
For many years now compression socks have been around but were targeted to athletes or those having issues with blood circulation.
I found these socks at a golf tournament and decided to give them a try as I walked the 18 holes following players … That could tire anyone even the sporty.
The principle of compression socks is the following: during the effort, the calves play the role of peripheral heart (a 2nd source of oxygenation of your muscles).
During sport, the veins dilate which decrease the oxygenation of the muscles.
This can create tiredness, cramps, … which will lead to lesser performances and sometimes to injury.

The difference with medical compression is that it starts from the calves instead of the ankles. If you don’t have a pathology its better to work from the calves than the ankles.
How to find your size ? Measure the calves diameter and the tibia length.
Lots of athletes use them regularly (Tennis players, soccer and golf players, …).
Being a daily hero, you can use them during sport sessions, or after for recovery or while working on your comfort. Give them a try, you might be surprised as to how effective they are.
Pick your style between recovery socks, booster (no foot) and socks.

I bought 2 invisible running short socks, 1 pair of running ankle socks and 1 pair of multisport socks.

Check this small French company located in Saint Etienne called BV Sport which is manufacturing them since 1998.
More infos on

Eye of the tiger, for you too !

17 Apr

So you wear nice eyewear but you are thinking to switch to contact lenses.
But it’s a pain to wear contact lenses too, you have to put them on when you wake up, take them off when you go to bed, then you forget them in and all is blurry when you wake up the day after …
The solution is permanent contact lenses that you wear for 30 straight nights and days. The lenses are porous so they let the eyes breath (even when you close your eyes and sleep), and you only change them once a month (reducing the risks of bacteria in your eyes when you manipulate your lenses).
I wear them for 1 year now, changing them every month, and it’s great!
Give it a try and now you can choose nice sunglasses to look cool this summer !
More info

  • Air Optix Night & Day
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