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It’s squeaking!

25 Nov

Biscuit by HamboardsAs you may know, I’m a beginner at land-surfing and this summer was dedicated to masterize the art of standing on a board without breaking my leg, arm or wrist.

Biscuit by HamboardsI must admit I succeeded after a lot of patience and hours of practice.

Now, as any board, mine is squeaking a bit, and I hate that!

So I went on YouTube to find the solution and apparently the key is to use household paraffin. I decided to hike to CVS and the only paraffin I found was “Hawaiian scent”, so let’s go to Hawaii.
Basically, the guy on YouTube said to peel the paraffin with a cutter and cover the bolts and nuts with the paraffin chips. It smelled good, worked a bit but I wasn’t fully satisfied as it was still squeaking …

… still squeaking until the big Pete Hamborg from Hamboards shared with me one of his secrets and I will Biscuit by Hamboardsshare his enlightenment with you too!
To stop squeaking, use lip balm!

I clean my bolts and nuts from the paraffin and started the process all over again with the lip balm and … I’m back to land-surfing in peace and silence, it worked!!!

If you are not into skateboard, this works too with a squeaking door … Just saying.

PS: Thanks Pete!!!

More infos on my Biscuit skateboard by Hamboards

The last 3 figures that matter

26 May

Last time I travelled to Miami for less than a week, I had the pleasure to receive a phone call from my banker after I paid my taxi back home in Paris.

Did I spend too much in Florida ?
Did I forget to send him a postcard ?

No! Someone stole my cards details and was still doing some shopping while back in France …
Annoying and costly …
The bank cut both my cards and reissued new ones!

What did I do wrong so they could copy my bank card details ?

Thinking about it a lot, I gave my cards to a taxi driver who didn’t have the machine but something they use to take the print of the card. Then I think he turned the card and memorise the 3 security numbers and he had all the infos necessary to copy my card.

When I told the story to my mom, she said it couldn’t happen to her because she had a trick.
A trick? What trick?
And then she shared it with me and I will do the same with you.

To protect your bank cards, you need
. a pair of scissors,
. a sheet of paper
. and some adhesive or simply a sticker.
Cut the paper so I will cover the last 2 digits of the security code.
Than put the adhesive on it.

So easy, now they won’t have ALL your information and won’t be able to use your card to shop 4 times a day a pretty full cart in the Publix like it happened to me.


PS: also be careful with the contact cards, and prefer wallet with anti-RFID shield so the thieves won’t be able to get your bank infos (just by hanging close to you in the metro or bus …)

Breaking news, I chased a great deal for you!

4 Mar

You want to test the Polagram app and send some pictures to mom, BFF or to yourself? Then use the promotional code β€œCHASEITOR” and get 25% OFF when checking out.

It’s valid
. worldwide
. on any Polagram products
. until March 8th!!

Let’s be friends and connect

28 Feb

Twitter @chaseitorbchase
Instagram @chaseitorbchased

Happy Friday!


Happy new year 2014!

1 Jan

ChaseItOrBChasedI wish you all the best for 2014!

Health, success and a little bit of technology too πŸ˜‰


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