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Tired fingers vs iPhone?

10 Jul

Fingers recognition or password?

Sometimes the iPhone finger recognition plays tricks on you. Then you have to type in your 6 figures password instead of 4 before last update … boring …

I preferred when it was a 4-figures password.
There’s an easy manipulation to revert the 6-digits password to 4!

Follow those easy steps


Brighten my day … And my pictures

5 Mar

Photo 4-03-2015 8 45 33 pmDid you know that you can adjust the light WHILE taking a picture on your iPhone ?

Yes, you can and I didn’t know it.
My good friend @mamadougsakho tipped me off yesterday and I want to share it with you because it’s really useful.
Go to the camera mode
. When the iPhone is idle, touch the home button and lift the camera icon from the bottom right to the top to reveal the camera mode
. Or walk your way through you iPhone to switch the camera on
In the camera mode, aim at your subject and
. Focus on the subject, by tapping the subject, a yellow square will appear and the subject will be sharper
. Optimize the light (brighter or darker), aim at the subject and tap it, leave you finger on it and see a little sun appearing. Then slide up and down to brighten or to darken the picture
Photo 4-03-2015 8 46 02 pm Photo 4-03-2015 8 46 28 pm Photo 4-03-2015 8 46 52 pm
Can’t be easier.

It’s squeaking!

25 Nov

Biscuit by HamboardsAs you may know, I’m a beginner at land-surfing and this summer was dedicated to masterize the art of standing on a board without breaking my leg, arm or wrist.

Biscuit by HamboardsI must admit I succeeded after a lot of patience and hours of practice.

Now, as any board, mine is squeaking a bit, and I hate that!

So I went on YouTube to find the solution and apparently the key is to use household paraffin. I decided to hike to CVS and the only paraffin I found was “Hawaiian scent”, so let’s go to Hawaii.
Basically, the guy on YouTube said to peel the paraffin with a cutter and cover the bolts and nuts with the paraffin chips. It smelled good, worked a bit but I wasn’t fully satisfied as it was still squeaking …

… still squeaking until the big Pete Hamborg from Hamboards shared with me one of his secrets and I will Biscuit by Hamboardsshare his enlightenment with you too!
To stop squeaking, use lip balm!

I clean my bolts and nuts from the paraffin and started the process all over again with the lip balm and … I’m back to land-surfing in peace and silence, it worked!!!

If you are not into skateboard, this works too with a squeaking door … Just saying.

PS: Thanks Pete!!!

More infos on my Biscuit skateboard by Hamboards

Want to detox or just feeling sick ?

16 Feb

CongeeIt’s time to talk about congee.
Congee is a rice soup, easy to cook and versatile. Either sweet or salted, it will depend depends on the toppings you’ll add.

The super easy recipe.
Bring 1 cup of long rice and 10 cups of water to boil, then go back to low heat and let it cook for at least 1 hour. The rice will cook and disintegrate to creamy soup.

The toppings: salty or sweet ?
Salty congee.
I love the bamboo shoots, shiitake mushrooms and natural peanuts then I add a dash of soy sauce.
You can also top it with shredded chicken, fish or pork.Congee

Sweet congee.
Add nuts, cranberries, azukis brand and dry fruits, then add a dash of honey.

Congee is great for your stomach and spleen. It’s also perfect if you are feeling sick or just want to detox.

Big bonus, you can store it up to 2 weeks in your fridge! Perfect for the breakfast or lunch at the office.

No more Safari on my iPhone!

23 Jan

imageI love my iPhone.
I can do so much stuff with it: working, playing, writing my blog, … I help my friends and contacts with its use, choosing the right apps that will answer their needs but sometimes all goes very wrong.

And it did for my friend who didn’t have Safari installed on her brand new out-of-the-box iPhone 5S and this was weird, very weird!
Because Safari, Music, FaceTime, iTunes Store, in-app purchase, Siri, AirDrop are all built-in whatever-you-do apps that are always installed on your iPhones, iPad.

We went to the Mothership, also called AppleStore, and discussed this with genius Daniel who introduced us to the Restriction menu.

The Restriction menu is an option you can active and disable by a code to select the built-in apps you want to use or not.

Let’s say you are offering an iPhone to your child and don’t want him/her to buy in-app purchases. You can turn it off and no more pop ins during games asking if you want to buy an extra pack …
All you have to do is create a 4 digits code (that you have to remember) to trigger the option or not.

Now, like us, you know how to solve this and Safari is back on the phone!

image image image

Home button gone AWOL?

23 Apr

Brocken or non-responsive home iPhones/iPads/iPods button happens a lot but when it happens to you, it’s a pain!

Not anymore, because now you will have a solution.
. Solution 1, go to Apple to have it fixed. Gonna cost you …
. Solution 2, buy a new iPhone … not cheap either or
. Solution 3, turn on the “assistive touch” … Cheap and you’ll survive until iPhone5s will be released …

The “assistive touch” is a function that has been designed to operate gestures with only one finger or a stylus instead of using 2-3-4 or 5 fingers gesture.

Among the advantages and shortcuts it brings you, it will offer you a brand new fully working virtual home button that you will be able to place wherever you want on your screen.

To set up it, go to “settings“, “general“, “accessibility” then scroll down to “assertive touch” and toggle it on.

Photo 16-04-13 23 12 24 (HDR) Photo 16-04-13 23 12 52 Photo 16-04-13 23 13 38

Now when you tap the white button, it opens a 4 icons-menu
. Siri, to start discussing with Siri
. Device, to select the following options: lock screen, rotate screen, volume up/down/mute and more
. Favourites, the favourite gestures you created
. Home, the famous home button you have issue with

Photo 15-04-13 4 43 36 PM Photo 15-04-13 4 43 52 PM Photo 15-04-13 4 43 57 PM

But let’s dig a little bit deeper to see what else the “assistive touch” can bring you.
. You can create customised gestures that you will trigger with only one finger (great when you wear gloves and only have the index available to touch the screen …)
. Here are some examples, “SwipeRight” to use to browse your pictures for example

Photo 16-04-13 11 31 36 PM Photo 16-04-13 11 31 41 PM Photo 16-04-13 11 31 59 PM
Photo 15-04-13 4 43 36 PM Photo 16-04-13 11 32 16 PM

Extra tips if you want to go further with the “assertive touch” menu
. Tap 3 secs the “Lock screen” and the “power off” screen will appear with its slide
. When I use it with my lifeproof case, the home button is a little bit hard to push and I prefer to spare it by using the virtual home button. Because I’m lazy and don’t want to go throught the “settings” menu I customized the “triple-click Home” to toggle on and off the “assistive touch“.
To do so, go to “settings”, “General”, “Accessibility”, scroll down to “Triple-click Home” and select “assistive touch”.

Photo 17-04-13 14 51 32 Photo 17-04-13 14 51 55

A problem, a question about your iPhone, iPad, don’t hesitate to write me, I’ll try to find a solution 😉

Panoramic pictures ?

14 Apr

Photo 11-04-13 1 09 59 PMOf course you know that you can take panoramic pictures with your iPhone 4S and iPhone 5.

(For those you don’t, just act like you know and do the following, tap the photo app and “Options“, then “Panorama“).

But did you know you could switch from “left to right” to “right to left pictures” ? How ? By simply tapping on the arrow.

Photo 12-04-13 3 05 24 PM Photo 12-04-13 3 05 28 PM Photo 12-04-13 3 04 41 PM
Photo 12-04-13 3 04 49 PM Photo 12-04-13 3 04 56 PM

Here you go! Happy photo to you!

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