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Chia amigos

27 Jun

You know my love for the chia seeds, it’s an healthy little seed that I like to eat for breakfast every morning.
I met some weeks ago Lina, proud entrepreneur and also founder of Chia Ballz, a local company that you can find at the farmers markets in Miami and Fort Lauderdale (good news if you are not around, they also ship nationwide).

Let’s discuss with Lina so she can introduce us to the ChiaBallz world.

Why chia seeds?
I was brought up eating healthy food and my mom used chia a lot. When I started using it, I found out that chia was a super food that did not change the flavor of any of my recipies both sweet or salty. 

How did you start ChiaBallz?
That it is a bit of a long funny story. I needed some extra cash so I went to sell my clay pendants at farmers markets.

In my booth I had complementary Chia balls for the people that would purchase or stop by my booth.

People would taste my Chia balls and they would place an order for balls for the next weekend.

Every week I would sell more Chia balls then clay pendants. And so the journey began.

What’s on ChiaBallz menu?

  • The chia balls, are made with chia seeds, almond butter, honey cranberry, coconut and orange.
  • The chia chocolate (chiacolate), chia seeds, almonds, pecans, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds and semi sweet organic cacao. It is vegan and gluten-free.
  • The chia parfait is made of  chia pudding with almond milk, coconut cream, fresh fruits (banana, strawberry, blueberries and crumbs of chiacolate). The parfait is Vegan, gluten free, dairy free. I created it because I wanted a breakfast that tasted like a desert for my boys. The parfait is a desert that you eat and don’t feel guilty about, in fact, It’s the total opposite . When you eat it you feel good and at the same time you satisfied your sweet tooth. 

Can you walk us through the healthy side of ChiaBallz?
All the products of Chia Ballz are healthy treats, they are packed with power. My motto is “food that is healthy and yet you don’t have to sacrifice the taste.”

Eating should be a fun activity that should not require the sacrifice of taste or health.

Most of us love ice cream and whip cream and chocolate and cookies and sweets and desserts. But we stay away from them because we know that most of the products out there are unhealthy and have a lot of preservatives and processed sugars and just ingredients that are not good for our body. I always have loved food and enjoy a delicious bite. With chia I combined both worlds … tasty and healthy.

Chia is such a healthy seed, it has been around for thousands of years. It’s a seed that contains a minerals vitamins m, high in omega-3 fatty acids, calcium, magnesium … it has so many benefits to the body.

Chia helps digestion, gives you sustained energy, it helps a person that has sugar problems, it is brain food , heart food, it helps the muscles repair after a workout. These are a few of the benefits.

Who is the ChiaBallz team?
This is a family business.
My two boys, my brother and his wife and myself make up the ChiaBallz team.

How do you spread ChiaBallz love in south Florida
We do numerous farmers markets and events.
There are some juice bars that carry our products but the main place are farmers markets and special events. (gyms, sport events, holiday events etc.)

We ship the Ballz and the chiacolate nationwide. Best way is to place your order in but you can always call me or email me and I would take your order personally .
Where can we find you?
Farmers markets in Dade and Broward (Miami area). The list of the markets are on the webpage or you can follow us on IG @chiaballz or Facebook @chiaBallz. I post every market or event on our social media. I post constantly to make sure our chia amigos know where we are and when.

Another benefit of following us on social media is that we started going live at least once a week and we show you the fun activities that we get our selves into. I promise at least a chuckle from the videos.

Thank you Chia Amigos and may the Ballz be with you.

Chasing the tiger nuts in Paris

3 Dec

La Noix Tigree goes to Paris!
Great news for those of us living in Paris, the tiger nuts comes to town!!!

You already know everything about the tiger nuts right?

Let’s give you a quick tour just to be sure you have the basics.
The tiger nut grows in the ground and looks like weird little nuts.
They are usually pressed and drunk in Valencia, Spain and it’s then called Horchata de Chufa.

Celine, the owner and founder of La Noix Tigree, decided it was time for Celine, owner and founder of La Noix TigreeParis to wake up at the sound of this delicious and healthy nut (root)!

We met Celine and had an interesting and healthy chat about this healthy nut which is not even a nut!

1/ How did you discover the tiger nuts?
I was living in Montpellier as a teenager and I’ve been to Barcelona from time to time where I discovered the spanished valencian version of the tiger nut milk called Horchata de Chufa . Since then I’ve been trying to find it in France.

2/ Why the tiger nuts? 
They are so good and so healthy at the same time. I don’t understand why we can’t find them more easily here!

They are also called earth almonds, which explains a lot of their aspects: the taste goes between almond and chestnut, ther skin is thicker than the almond’s and you can eat the whole root.

Actually tiger nuts are not nuts, they are tubers like potatoes!

3/ Describe us the process of production? 
Like an almond milk I soak the tiger nuts, then I mix them with mineral water and I filter them.

That is for the plain flavor that I am using as a basis for all the other flavors.

Then depending on the flavor, I can add cold pressed fresh fruit juices (for the carott & ginger for instance) or powder (for the Matcha version).

Everything is cold except the Chai tea for which I infuse the tea separately in hot water and I make it cooler before adding it to the plain version.

You are going for cold pressed, why?  What are the benefits of cold press? 
La Noix Tigrée drinks are cold pressed and handmade because tiger nut milk is delicate and quite unstable while you heat it. There is no hot process yet that can keep the flavor and the quality of the milk.

The cold pressed process keeps all the nutriments that will benefit to your health.

4/ Can you introduce us to your products?
La Noix Tigrée (pronounced La Noa Teagrey) products are a wide range of organic sugar free tiger nut milk drinks which goes from plain to Golden milk – Curcuma flavor.

Tiger nut is the root of the Cyperus Esculentus plant that grows in south of Spain and west Africa.

It is well appreciated for its fibers, unsaturated fat, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, iron, vitamin E contents

All the ingredients are organic and I don’t add any sugar or dates, the tiger nut I am using is naturally sweetened.

The drinks are raw and healthy, very good for people who are dairy intolerant and their fibers make them very easy to digest.

I love drinking it before and after practising sport because it gives me a lot of energy without giving me the impression that I am heavy. And it lasts because there is no sugar added. It’s a good way to rehydrate yourself. The Baobab version will bring extra calcium and vitamin C, the spirulina version will bring extra vegetable proteins…Everybody can find a flavor that suits him!

5/ Where can we find you?
Now on La Noix Tigrée facebook page or La Noix Tigrée on Instagram.

Very soon, I’ll open an e-shop and La Noix Tigrée will be available at different partners boutiques in Paris like detox restaurants, fitness studios, …

I am starting with Paris and I have the project to deliver the whole France very soon!

Celine organises tiger nuts tastings in Paris. If you want your colleagues, friends, customers to discover tiger nuts don’t hesitate to contact Céline.

Still time to join #TeamKG, T-99!

15 Oct

Photo 14-10-2013 7 06 14 pmKelly Gunther is a beautiful athlete who discovered her love for figure skating at a very early age.
At the ripe old age of just 6 she decided to try inline racing.

After dominating the inline circuit, Kelly made the switch to the ice and quickly rose to become one of the most promising prospects of the American Long-Track Speed Skating Team.
After narrowly missing the Vancouver Olympics, Kelly suffered a horrific ankle injury in training.
Against all odds, she was back on the ice only months later. Three years later, Kelly is firmly entrenched on the US National Speed Skating Team.

Now, Kelly is getting ready for
. the US World Cup Qualifications
. the Qualifications to represent Team USA at the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia.

Let’s discuss with Kelly and follow her journey to the Winter Olympics!

. How did you discover skating?
I discovered skating by just going to the roller rink on a Sunday afternoon for a “family skate” and just fell in love with it, I never wanted to leave! I just wanted to keep doing it over and over again and get the hang of these wheels under my feel and how they really worked! All I wanted to do was spin really, really fast and fall! That was fun to me as a little girl! Then watching figure skating as that little girl, I knew right there and then that’s what I wanted to do.

. You came back from a dramatic accident, tell us what happened and how you did find the courage to step back onto the ice?Photo 14-10-2013 4 01 15 pm
I fell going into the very first corner of a 500M race and the last races of the season of the 2010 year. I’m not actually sure what had happen besides I did not have my foot firmly in the ice & my feet just slipped out and went feet first into the pads. there was so much momentum but my foot stuck into the wall like a dart. Think tearing a drumstick off a chicken…

I will never forget this day ever. After doing months and months of rehab in Colorado Springs, CO and having to find my support group I just knew that I could do it, or at least wanted too, I didn’t know if I was going to be able. After being off my skates for 6 months (the longest I’ve ever been off of them since I put them on.) I wasn’t sure what was ahead of me, but I had talked to all the people who were supposed to know these things. For a month I was wondering was going to be okay? Or was I done? I had so many questions that no one had the answers to. After another month of doing more and more rehab, I was ready to step out on the ice for the very first time since my crash.

I was pretty scared, I can’t lie to you and say I wasn’t because I was, but I just found the courage inside of me to just overcome that fear.

. How has the injury affect you & what did the accident change?
My very first race since I had fallen, I can’t say the same. The morning of the race I was shaking. I had to face the corner of where I had fallen and now here I was not even a year later. Scared to death, I cried standing there at the starting line and just staring at that corner, but I knew I had something to overcome. I never had to face such a big fear in my life before, but ay know how they say, you’re biggest fear is the one you don’t come face to face with? Well, I had come face to face with mine and I was not going to let it beat me or get me down. I overcame it and I knew I had too if I wanted to keep skating and make my dreams come true.
The injury has taught me so much about LIFE and who you really are. I could have easily just walked away from the sport that I loved for so long right there and there, but I knew I couldn’t let it affect me it was just something I had to deal with and learn how to deal with it!

The accident has really shown me how to grow up and find your team & your support team who’s going to be behind you. I had really found that doing all of this. Doing my rehab in Colorado it just changed it all, If I wasn’t there I really don’t think I would be back up on my feet and skating where I am at today. I had to start ALL back over as if I never knew how to skate. I had to teach myankle to bend, run, and your everyday stuff that you may not think that is so hard, but when your ankle isn’t so strong its hard!Photo 14-10-2013 6 44 02 pm

. How do you prepare to race off the ice?
I prepare off the ice with a lot of different training. Weight training, running, dryalnd, biking, and hot yoga!

. Today is “T-100 Days to Sochi”. Aside from making the team, what are some of your objectives ?

Wow, Only a 100 days! How exciting! Thinking about it, just gives me the chills and very excited about making my dreams come true! 
My Other objectives are showing and helping kids know that they can do anything that they want if they just believe! Just because you have a huge fear in front of you or whatever it may be, you can’t just ignore it. You must face it as scared as you may be, you have to overcome it and know it will be the best feeling in the world once you do!

. What is #TeamKG ?
#TeamKG means are you ready to come along with me and see how this journey is going to happen! When the world seems to turn against you, you have to be ready to believe WE GOT OURSELVES A GAME!!!
I would like to take the time to say, “Thank you for my Mom who has been there for me no matter what has happen. She’s my rock, best friend, coach(So she thinks or helps out!) and so much more to me than just my Mom. If it wasn’t for sure always believing in me and letting me know that it was going to be okay, I’m not sure I can say I’d be where am today. Thanks Mom for everything and for putting your life on hold for my dreams! I’d also like to thank my friend & agent Chuck Vine for believing in me and not giving me a chance to prove him wrong! I’d would like to thank you (Julie) for this time to interview me & and ask me these questions! I really enjoyed answering them and I hope you liked what you got to read a little bit about me! I’m hoping it will inspire people to want to support me & even contribute to my ‘Rally Me’ campaign. It’s becoming almost impossible to pay my living expenses & pay for my training and equipment. I don’t get any financial support for being on the US National Team!Photo 14-10-2013 3 51 37 pm

But after my ankle, I know a thing or two about overcoming impossible!

Join the #TeamKG on twitter and follow @KellyGunther throughout qualifications up to the Olympics!
Check Kelly’s story on YouTube and support Kelly’s Rally Me campaign to go to Sotchi 2014.

Going solar? Why?

11 May

I discovered solar energy and mobile solar products a couple of months ago thanks to GoalZero company.
Photo 20-04-13 10 25 48 AMSince then I’m a heavy user of those products and I decided to interview James Atkin (director of Community Martketing at Goal Zero) and have a chat about the company, the products and the philosophy behind it.

1. How did GoalZero started?
Robert Workman did start GoalZero. Robert was working in Democratic Republic of Congo where people have issues to have access to electricity. Robert decided to supply reliable, portable energy, that’s how they created the first Goal Zero prototype.

2. Why solar energy ? Photo 20-04-13 10 23 19 AM
We started out to fix a need for portable power and Solar is the best and most efficient way to have a renewable portable power right now.

3. Who are your clients ?
There are 7 billion of them 🙂 whether you are in a developing country or if your are living in NY. Power is NOW a basic human need and we want to help power and light up the world.

4. Is solar technology for everyone ?

Basically, if you use plugs, there is a portable solar energy solution for you. (ed.)

5. Are there a lot of power outages around the world ? Why ?
%50 of the world has unreliable power and %20 has no power at all. In many countries the power grid is very sketchy and goes out numerous times a day. Any power grid can go offline at any moment and if your fully relying on that power then you’ll be out. We all witnessed this during sandy and katrina.

The electricity can be down because of a snow storm, water flood, fire, … or just be down. Portable solar panels and rechargers give you the possibility to keep going with your electric devices (light, heater, fridge, … or cell phones, tablets, …) and wait stressless-free until power gets back on. You don’t need electricity cuts to use portable solar solution wherever and whenever. (ed.)

6. How should we prepare to face power outage ? What could be our “survival kit” ?
The best way is to be prepared. There are many forms of power, some are renewable some are combustible. I would have some sort of water cleaning device, food storage (enough food for 1 month if not longer), lights, a power supply (depends on what your power needs are, you can have solar for an iPod or your fridge, heater, TV, radio, …).Photo 20-04-13 10 23 58 AM (HDR)

7. Tell us about “Sandy”
Sandy was devastating but open up many minds around the world about the potential for power outages, disaster events and being prepared. It changed my life and my teams life that went there as well. We brought in the GZnation to help us with our efforts there. We raised 600k to give out power and lights to areas affected by the power outages. It was crazy to see how many families were unprepared and all they had was 1 candle for a family of 5. We were able to prove a ton of power and lights to be in really bad shape and it really did change their life and helped them get back on their feet faster.

The GoalZero team shipped products and their team from Utah to Sandy’s most devastated areas where people were out of electricity for the past 10 days … they offered help and hope to the persons thinking nobody cared and helped them go through this tough period. it was a life line through disaster. (ed.)

8. Any project ? A new product you are working on ?
We are working on a new humanitarian program called Share the Sun, it will be going live in the next month. It is our platform to bring in our friends, fans, retailers and corporate partners to light the world.

We have a new product coming out that is basically the new phone booth. Its called the street charge and we will be launching that later this month. We have 2 bigger solar generators coming out, a new speaker design, a new lantern and a few tips for the Switch 8.

Thanks James for enlightening us and we’ll stay tuned to those new releases.

Be aware the GoalZero founded a non-profit organization, Humanitarian association called Tifie (Teaching Individuals and Family Independence through Enterprise ). The objective is to give individuals opportunity to provide for themselves and their families, on the principle that all individuals deserve the opportunity to provide for themselves and their families.

Tifie is based on providing portable power AND also proceeds from each Goal Zero proceeds with the dream that one day there will be
. ZERO illiteracy
. ZERO poverty
. ZERO hunger
… obective GOAL ZERO!

More infos
. Follow @GoalZero and @GoalZeroAU
. Official GoalZero Website
. GoalZero Blog Off the grid
. Time to Switch, our review of Goal Zero panel and Switch 8 recharger
. Going Solar, part 2, follow up of our “Time to Switch” review

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