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Worldwide invasion!

21 Oct

Iconic figures of the video games in the 80s, the Space Invaders are still present in our lives. If you look around, you’ll find them everywhere in cities around the world (they have been traced in Paris, Tokyo, Amsterdam, Los Angeles, New York, Geneve, Berlin, Melbourne, Istanbul, Bangkok, Vienna, … and even Katmandu).
Since August, I started to notice handmade Space Invaders made with post it at office’s windows in Paris… Open your eyes, they are well hidden but you can find them. Don’t hesitate to share your photos with us.

More infos on
Space Invaders around the world

You have a sink ? You have a washing machine too!

14 Oct

Do you live in a cramped apartment ?
The Kleyers (from”Selling NY” on HGTV) didn’t help you to find a 300 sqft crib?
You are facing the dilemma of choosing between a dishwasher and a washing machine ? And you decided to go for the dishwasher
because you have sensitive hands and you prefer watching “America Got Talent” than washing your dirty plates …
BUT now if ย you have a sink,ย  you have a washing machineย too thanks toย Smeg !!!
Smeg created a washing machine with a sink on top of it. Handy or what ? Handy and smart !
LBL14 exists in white, blue or pink. I wen’t for the blue one.
It’s expensive but you won’t waste 90 minutes of your life every week fighting with your fellow roommates to do laundry ๐Ÿ˜‰

Sorry it’s not available in the US.

More info (in french) on

Smurfs … also in chocolate

30 Sep

You liked the movie “The Smurfs”? You like chocolate? Then this is for you!
The chocolate Smurfs box is begging you “eat me, eat me“.
I’ve seen it in Belgium but check it out, Smurfs are taking over the world and maybe they are available near you.

Thanks to Raoul from Neuhaus for his help.

More infos on

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