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30 Apr

What’s that thing I use as a keyring ? Think better, think harder …
Ok, let me educate you: it’s a hammer to break windows if you are in distress in a car for example. It will also help you free you from your seatbelt.
Yes you always need that !
Why ? Because I care about my readers and followers and the news prove me right (people can die just because they can’t break a window while being trapped in their car, because you only have 2 hours of air autonomy when in a car with closed windows.
The ReSQMe is small, light, colourful and I hope you’ll never need it but if you do it might save your life.

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This bracelets will save your life

7 Feb

Imagine you’re walking down the river with you best friend (aka your dog) and an alligator wants to snap your chihuahua.
Listening to your courage, you start to mud-wrestle the angry 10-feet long wild croc (for the pictures and home videos that you will post on your FaceBook profile or Twitter account), then it’s time to get serious and to unravel your survival strap and tie the beast down.
Don’t worry, it’s just a fiction story to have your attention.
The only thing worth remembering is the survival strap 😉

So let’s learn more about this bracelet that can save your life, or that is just a great help when a rope is needed.

Those bracelets exist for a long time and usually you can make them yourself, but here comes the issue of the rope (which rope to use ? and I’m not talking about the color), and the shackle, and how to tight the knots… If you are interested to make you very own and toy around, check this out website: everything is explained.

If you prefer, a ready-to-wear solution, and if you don’t have a rope-shop next to home, the guys from Survival Straps (based in Jacksonville Beach, Florida) got it all covered. They use military grade ropes called paracords, and a special hand-knitting that can be unravelled in a flash. This 60-people american company was founded in 2007 by Kurt. The bracelets are all hand-maded in USA.

How does it work ?

  • Measure your wrist, important part! So measure it right, don’t add inches to be at your ease, they will take care of that at Survival Straps.
  • Choose between the regular survival bracelet or the light duty one (lighter because it doesn’t have the inner strands).
  • Pick the colors you like (you can fully customize your strap, more than 50.000 color combinations are available)
  • Then choose your closure strap (adjustable stainless steel buckle or plastic side buckle)

I decided to go for the Regular survival bracelet – Law enforcement with the adjustable stainless steel buckle.

ChaseIt or BChased ?
ChaseIt because

  • They say that 2012 will be the end of the world, so let’s get ready to survive. You might be in need of a rope to save the day or a life.
  • Also you will help supporting the Wounded Warrior Project (Survival Straps is partnering with the association and gives back a portion of every purchase made on their website).
  • Official collegiate straps are also available.
  • If you don’t want to wear the bracelet, treat your dog with a survival collar.
  • If you use it, send your story and picts, Survival Straps will replace the one you use !!!

More infos on

  • Survival straps website
  • Follow @SurvivalStraps on Twitter
  • Wounded Warrior Project website

Special thanks to

  • my mom for the picture of the croc taken during this summer
  • Matthew from Survival Straps because he was really kind, patient and helpfull
  • A*-girl from down under for your support on this review 😉

The manatee not only from Florida but also from GreenSpan

27 Jan

I’ve seen a manatee for the first time this summer in Seaworld Orlando.
Impressive !
Manatees are very large herbivorous marine mamals sometimes called the sea cow (up to 13 feet and 1,300 pounds).
They like to hang in the warm and shallow waters.
It’s an endangered species protected by Federal and Florida government.
But manatee is not only a sea cow but also a bottle tote !
Not just a tote, an eco-friendly one !

Eco-friendly because GreenSmart does use a water-based material instead of regular neoprene.
Its production process use less petroleum and energy.
The neogreen (not neoprene) is made from recycled PET water and soda bottles.
The Manatee tote comes in 4 bi-colors and 3 sizes (short, medium or tall).
GreensSmart also produce

  • MacBook and laptop sleeves,
  • backpacks and messengers,
  • wine and water totes.

10% of the profits goes to non-profit organizations.

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Dill pickle … sunflower seeds

4 Nov

I love sunflower seeds, but this summer I discovered the dill pickle flavored ones! It’s weird but it really tastes like dill pickle …
I never thought i’d like sunflower seeds with pickle taste but i do!
The Bigs brothers had the great idea to flavor the seeds and they offer now 6 mouth challenging tastes: Buffalo wings, Bacon salt, Zesty ranch, Salted and roasted and the brand new Salt and pepper.
The Bigs are producing in Colorado since 2006.
I chased the Bigs at Sport Authority
Don’t hesitate to eat mint drops afterwards, just in case you want to continue to have a social life;-)

More infos on
Bigs sunflower seeds

Bubble Tea around the world

28 Oct

What ? You don’t know bubble tea ! Not tea but bubble tea. The bubbles make the difference.
Bubble tea aka boba is a sweet tea with tapioca little balls (made from manioc) that you swallow and chew through a wide straw.

@Lili’s 57 @Zen Zoo, Paris Zen Zoo

This beverage comes from Taiwan and starts to develop around the world.
Boba can be with or without milk BUT always with the bubbles. The tapioca balls stay at the bottom of your glass and the treat is to eat them all.
Warm or cold, mildly sweetened or sweet, drink the BBT the way you like it.
You need to try, it’s fun !

Chase it around the world (those addresses have been cleared by Taiwanese friends) in
Melbourne, through the chain Easy Way
Paris, Zen Zoo
New York, Lili’s 57

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