Dexter is a creator ….

24 Jun

Some months ago, I was privileged to meet Dexter The Creator.

You knew Dexter, the dude from the tv show who is cutting people in pieces and spreading them the puzzle-way.

You also heard of the Tyler The Creator, who is famous for being an American rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, music video director and fashion designer.

But do you know Dexter The Creator?

After this interview you will know everything about him!

Dexter is best know for his creative deconstruction/reconstruction of sneakers … all the sneakers … from the Stan Smith to the Air Jordan.

Dexter, tell us more about your background? How did you passion for sneakers started?

I was always into cool sneakers, a lot of them started off as hand me downs but then, I really got into them when I got into skateboarding in the 5th grade!

I started collecting SB’s a couple every now and then since I was young I wasn’t buying a lot of shoes.

We get it, you love sneakers, but how did you go from loving/collecting to creating sneakers?

After the Nike SB’s I started getting into Jordan’s.

It started with the Jordan 1’s then came the 3’s I was hooked!

I kept collecting as time went on.

I started working throughout highschool which helped a lot. Then at the end of senior year into my freshman year of college I was into fashion and really started to customize and change things up.

I started replacing my Nike swooshes with Louis Vuitton, Gucci , Goyard etc.

That led me down a path to where I took a 3 day sneaker class with The Shoe Surgeon.

A month later I was working alongside him taking everything in!

I worked with him for about 10 months then ventured off to start my own bespoke service business.

How many sneakers do you own?

I have roughly about 65 pairs of sneakers!

What’s the most iconic sneakers for you?

The most iconic sneaker for me is the Jordan 1 (Bred) as it truly was the sneaker to really change the game, it set new limits for sneakers themselves.

Without this shoe who knows where sneakers would be today.

It was such a power move by Nike to not give up and really change the culture.

You recently opened your very own studio in Los Angeles, tell us more about this new adventure.

Well starting this past December I started focusing on my craft and really putting everything into it.

In April I moved my machines and work out my bedroom into a Studio in the Fashion District Downtown Los Angeles!

Since then it’s been a roller coaster things from shoes for Stan Smith to brand collaborations so it has definitely not slowed down but sped up with countless projects and possibilities!

What products do you customize?

I specialize in sneakers but I can do anything from shoes, cloths, bags, accessories, car interior, pretty much anything.

What’s the sneaker you created you are the most proud of?

The sneaker I’m most proud of creating would have to be Stan Smith’s personal pair!

He is a big supporter of mine and it was something really special for me as he gave me my first pair of Stan’s himself.

I would like a Dexter The Creator shoes, what’s the process? How long does it take and how much is it?

I would sit down with you in person or mobile where we would start laying out what the vision may look like.

From there I would create a Digital Render so you can see how it will look before moving forward.

Turn around time is approximately 2-8 weeks depending on the shoe.

What’s your next project?

You’ll see my all white shoe during next Wimbledon. I made it specially for Olympic champion and doubles grand slam champion Bethanie Mattek-Sands.

My next project is going to be a very special pair for a Baltimore Ravens executive!

Thanks for the interview Dexter, wishing you all the best with your new projects.

More info on Dexter The Creator

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