For the beach, trail and the couch …

11 Apr

From the beach to the trail, or the trail to the beach … Or just to chill on the couch …

It’s always a nightmare to buy a bathing suit … It’s for the beach, for the pool, … But basically for only some occasions, not your everyday wear but .. This can change with the H2O collection by Lulu Lemon.

The H2O line is made with Aquelu fabric

  • Made from recycled nylon
  • With Xtra Life Lycra finer for shape retention
  • And offers UPF50+ for sun protection!

I love it, and bought the Speed Short H2O (comes with the undies inside) and a reversible top.

And here I was swimming like a mermaid in the ocean with my new swimming suit, when back on the beach I dried under the sun in no time and could walk back home in style.
The short is priced $68, the top is $58 (but I bought it on sale … $39, lucky me).

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