It’s a small drop …

21 Mar

It’s not just a drop it’s a Droplet but it’s also a carrier for a wet bag.
The Droplet is so small, I have it on me all the time.

When in “rest mode,”, the wet bag is comfortably hosted in its plastic Droplet.

Now, let’s use it and abuse it and let’s unwrap the little beast.

I use it when I travel and I want to be sure that my creams, gels, liquids are separated from my clothes in the luggages … You never know.

It’s also great when I go to the beach and safely secures iPhone, my Up3, and some cash.

I would have liked it to be a little bigger but I must admit that it’s a perfect size.

When it comes trickier is when I have to fold it back and place it in its “Droplet“, I guess that with some exercises I’ll master the art of folding .

More infos:


  • It’s  a cute keyring or you hangs to your backpack.
  • For sure, the Droplet does nothing a ziplock couldn’t do but it’s more stylish … and style is everything …

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