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I love float!

28 Mar

I’m not really into water sports because it’s cold, wet and some bigger-than-you-beasts can be swimming in it …
But I love water activities like bodyboarding, and I always keep my shades on (for the look) and I’m scared to lose them when a big waves come over me.

Not anymore! I was treated really cool shades L816s by Lacoste that protect my eyes … But also float!!!

And this magic is explained because the frame is fabricated utilizing a new injection molding technique. And this is smart!

I can say, now I’m ready for the beach and the blue ocean! Bring on the waves!!


  • It works too if you lay on the beach and don’t want to put your toes in frozen cold water 😉
  • The floatables exist also in dark green, black and neon yellow!

It’s a small drop …

21 Mar

It’s not just a drop it’s a Droplet but it’s also a carrier for a wet bag.
The Droplet is so small, I have it on me all the time.

When in “rest mode,”, the wet bag is comfortably hosted in its plastic Droplet.

Now, let’s use it and abuse it and let’s unwrap the little beast.

I use it when I travel and I want to be sure that my creams, gels, liquids are separated from my clothes in the luggages … You never know.

It’s also great when I go to the beach and safely secures iPhone, my Up3, and some cash.

I would have liked it to be a little bigger but I must admit that it’s a perfect size.

When it comes trickier is when I have to fold it back and place it in its “Droplet“, I guess that with some exercises I’ll master the art of folding .

More infos:


  • It’s  a cute keyring or you hangs to your backpack.
  • For sure, the Droplet does nothing a ziplock couldn’t do but it’s more stylish … and style is everything …

I met Pete!

13 Mar

I met Pete, not any Pete, THE Pete.
Pete is the CEO and founder of the Californian skateboards brand called Hamboards!

On a cloudy Saturday, I decided to drive my rental car to Huntington Beach. Huntington Beach is not just any beach, it’s also called Surf City and it’s also the cradle of the landsurfing invented by the Hamborg family.

So I drove the one hour trip on south 405 … When I arrived I was stunned because the Hamboards shop is only opened by appointment during the week-ends … Oops …

Too bad, so I drove back to Huntington Beach to check on the beach life …

I was watching the crowd walking the boardwalk when suddenly coming from nowhere I saw Pete! Pete was casually landsurfing on a biiiig board with his land padel! I jumped on my feet and tried to chase him …

I ran, I lost Pete, I ran and out of breath I said “Hi Pete, I’m Julie from Paris” … I looked like a stalker … Scary …

Pete stopped, I caught my breath and we started to talk boards and ended up testing his brand new board!

Then we decided to meet at the Hamboards shop after I ate a pulled pork sandwich at the Duke’s (another must see in Huntington Beach).

The full belly and after a little tour on the Pier, I was ready to meet Pete and test some boards …

Let’s go back to Hamboards HQ!!!

For the record, I already have 2 Hamboards boards:

  • The tiny Biscuit, great for traveling (it’s fits in my luggage) and for boarding in style downtown Paris, NY, Melbourne, … I love this board as its funny, aggressive and you still have the feeling and moves of the surfboard (without the sharks and the cold water) or snowboard (without the snow and freezing temperatures).
  • Then, I wanted to experience a longboard and I got the taller Huntington Hop, safe, fast and great for long rides.

I wanted to pitch the idea to Pete of having the best of both worlds with the fun and aggressivity of the Biscuit and the pleasant rides on the Hop.
In a matter of second I was on a Pescadito, riding the cement with Pete!!! LOVE it!

The Pescadito is as tall as my Hop, it’s also great for pumping, for long rides and easy to bring in the bus or in the metro … I’m in!
After some discussion with Pete, we decided to customise it and add bigger wheels so I chose the model with the holes in the boards. We agreed on the colors and I left … without my board … Pete has to work on it …

After 7 days, Pete texted me. My Pescadito was ready to be shipped from Huntington Beach to Miami.

Waiting impatiently for my new board, my Pescadito by Hamboards!

To be continued …

More info:

Thanks to THE Pete, Donnie, Andre and MrT!


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