Stop the noise …

21 Dec


Stop the noise of  your keys dangling together with Key-Bar!

I was already in when the Orbitkey was released

Recently, I discovered the Key-Bar and it echoed in me.

Rugged, versatile and looking very cool!

I have one key. The key to my kingdom (my home), and it’s always a mess to find it in my bag .

Now, I safely tuck it in his beautiful “flag” KeyBars titane/aluminium shell and my key is safe, not making any noise and seriously looking cool.

The no-noise policy comes at a price though $50 to $85 plus add-ons like

  • pocket clip, $6Photo Dec 16, 1 59 42 PM
  • titanium comb, $10
  • bottle opener, $10
  • quick key tab, $5
  • toothepick and tweezers kit, $15
  • flash drive, $9 -$23
  • spare key fob link, $1,50
  • extension screws, $5
  • hardware set, $5
  • keyrabiner, $10

More info on Key-Bars

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