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Let’s play in the wood!

26 Oct

Stick-LetsRemember when you were a kid and you were dreaming of building wooden cabins in the garden? Or even in the family room?

Stick-LetsGuess what? Now you can do it thanks to the  Stick-Let’s!!!

But what is the Stick-Let’s?

It’s a modular, portable, interactive and colourful tool for kids and … also grown ups.

The Stick-Let’s are weather resistant, reusable, and safe silicone joints.

How does it work? First, go fetch some sticks in the wood.Stick-Lets

Then use the funny shaped Stick-Let’s to assemble them and … build a teepee, a castle or just play with wooden sticks.
The principle is to use its funny shapes and colors to assemble and build stuff.

What stuff ? Any stuff! Just let your imagination go!

I tried to build an iPad stand with unused chopsticks … There’s no limit.

Stick-LetsPS: Thanks to Christina for sending me the Stick-Let’s

More info about the Stick-Let’s 

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