Walk to the inflatable solar light

21 Sep

Luci by MpoweredI’m into solar for long time now, more portable solar solutions than the panels on the roof … Because you need a roof …
While I was doing my shopping at Eastern Mountain, I fell on the Luci.Luci by Mpowered

The Luci is an inflatable (!), standalone light that is powered thanks to its tiny little (and cute) solar panels on its top.

When I unpacked my Luci it was already night, so no time to charge.

I inflated it (great to travel with it as you deflate it and pack it back when on the move) and I used it as a night-light in my hotel room.

I was surprised how bright it was for such a small lamp.

Luci by MpoweredThey are many settings of lights:

  • bright,
  • super bright,
  • blinking
  • and red flashing SOS mode.

Just push the button between the 2 solar panels to access each mode.

Charging time in direct sunlight is about 8 hours, you can also charge it under a lamp if it’s a cloudy day but it will take longer to charge up.Luci by Mpowered

Luci will also be great to decorate your garden parties, as an extra lamp, during a blackout or in emergency situations.
Price: only $9,99
More info on Luci

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