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Battle of the blue ears 

28 Sep

Plantronics BackBeat FITSome months ago, I was kindly serviced with the PowerBeats Wireless 2 and I’ve been using them since then every single day to the extend of their battery autonomy (6 hours).
I use them while skateboarding, taking the metro, shopping, talking on the phone, watching the TV shows (the lipping was not correct, it’s a pain to watch movies with them) …

At the end of the day, I was out of juice and couldn’t use them on the way home … Also I experienced a lot of unexpected “pause” and had to press “play” to resume my playlist.

Now, the Plantronics BackBeat FIT just landed in my desk and I’m excited to test them.

What’s in the box?

  • The headset
  • The cord to charge it
  • And a sweet padded pouch to tuck my headset safely away while not in use

NB: The pouch works also as an armband when inside out (handy!).

The colour is cool, lemon green but that might not work with everyone (exist also in blue).

The material is flexible and looks resistant to the daily usage.

Each bud comes with a button and functions.

Plantronics BackBeat FIT Plantronics BackBeat FIT

Left earbud is the one in charge of controlling the music:

  • play,
  • stop,
  • fast forward
  • or mute while in a phone conversation (this is a cool and easy to reach function).
Plantronics BackBeat FIT Plantronics BackBeat FIT

Right bud is all over phone functions:

  • Accept the call, tap once
  • Reject the call, tap during 2 seconds
  • Ask Siri, keep taping

The comfort

  • The buds fit well and are close to the ones made by Jawbone on the Era, the bud won’t fall off.
  • The buds don’t cut you from your environment, which is better for your security while jogging (the PowerBeats Wireless 2 comes with 3 different kind of buds and some may cut you from the ambient noise)
  • Reflective finish for your safety when running at night

The headset is more rigid than the PowerBeats Wireless 2 and also shorter.

I like that the headset is a bit more rigid than the PowerBeats, but I would like it a bit longer (I love to wear it on the shoulder while I’m not “in a listening mode” and need to communicate with my entourage). I’m scared to lose it while the PowerBeats stay on the shoulders without problem and don’t fall off.

The round the ear system feels a bit stiffer due to the rigidity of the headset but turn the buds and you’ll find the right and comfortable position.

I like the voice inside my headphones telling me the status of the battery and I definitively like the fact that the lipping is in sync with the images on my iPad while watching the finale of season 2 of The 100… Finally!

A little word about the battery

  • Up to 8 hours listen (same for the PowerBeats Wireless 2)
  • Up to 6 hours talk (same for the PowerBeats Wireless 2)
  • Up to 14 days standby

The headset weights 24gr and is sweat proof and waterproof.

ChaseIt Or BChased?

ChaseIt because

  • finally you can watch a movie with a Bluetooth headset and don’t be disturb with issues of synchronization between the images and the sound
  • of its price $129,99 or 99€ (the Beats are priced $199 or 199€)
  • they are a little bit less comfortable at first than the PowerBeats but after a little bit of handling, I’m used to it now

Walk to the inflatable solar light

21 Sep

Luci by MpoweredI’m into solar for long time now, more portable solar solutions than the panels on the roof … Because you need a roof …
While I was doing my shopping at Eastern Mountain, I fell on the Luci.Luci by Mpowered

The Luci is an inflatable (!), standalone light that is powered thanks to its tiny little (and cute) solar panels on its top.

When I unpacked my Luci it was already night, so no time to charge.

I inflated it (great to travel with it as you deflate it and pack it back when on the move) and I used it as a night-light in my hotel room.

I was surprised how bright it was for such a small lamp.

Luci by MpoweredThey are many settings of lights:

  • bright,
  • super bright,
  • blinking
  • and red flashing SOS mode.

Just push the button between the 2 solar panels to access each mode.

Charging time in direct sunlight is about 8 hours, you can also charge it under a lamp if it’s a cloudy day but it will take longer to charge up.Luci by Mpowered

Luci will also be great to decorate your garden parties, as an extra lamp, during a blackout or in emergency situations.
Price: only $9,99
More info on Luci

Oh it’s THE O!

8 Sep

the OHow many times do you leave home in the morning, a little bit in a hurry, and you forget something you really need and you have to come back home? For me, the reasons of my early comeback can be that I forgot

  • the external battery for my phone,
  • my headphones,
  • my keys,
  • my wallet,
  • the badge for the office … and this is the short list

the O and it's key ringBasically, there’s always something we forgot at home that forces us to go back and get it.
So far, I have one TILE and it’s cool, but it is only really useful when I realise I don’t have my keys on me.
I only really use it for my keys as it is a bit clunky for anything else. And it only helps me see where I left my keys once I realise I have already lost them. At this point it is already a bit late, and I could be very far away from them.

What if there way something that could help you remember all your essentials before the morning departure? And proactively tell you in the very moment you were losing or forgetting them?

This device is called THE O and yes it’s another Bluetooth tag, but not only!
the O in action

  • THE O is  waterproof
  • and has an battery autonomy of 18 months
  • it everal accessories in the pack such as adhesives and a beautiful keychain accessory for keys and bags
  • You can sew it onto fabrics, perfect for a jacket or scarf or even umbrella
Chase It because
  • THE O creates a virtual leash between you and your belongings. The objects you don’t want to leave behind.
  • THE O will warn you the moment you are about to leave an item behind so you do not lose or forget it.
  • THE O knows when you are in a safe place so you do not get any alerts unnecessarily (at home or in the office for example)

The O is now on Kickstarter and it’s time to invest in this bright idea!

PS: You can even sew the O on your clothes!!

the O can be sewed on your clothesMore info on THE O.

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