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Coco … Nuts?

26 Aug

Unoco, king of cocoCoconut waters have been around for many years now, so it’s time to discuss why you should buy a brand more than another …

What makes a good coconut water?

UnocoA coconut water coming straight from the nut is the best coconut water you can drink.
Coconut water doesn’t come from any nut but from a young coconut (full of nutrients).
As, you and me, we don’t live on a beach surrounded by palm trees and young coconuts … we need to find an alternative to the young coconuts in the trees.
So we head to the grocery shop or the supermarket and there comes the big question while facing the coconut aisle …
How do I chose the more genuine coconut water, the less transformed since it was in the nut?

Check the label,
1. there shouldn’t be any additives (sugar of flavours)
2. the coconut water shouldn’t be made from concentrate
3. the coconut water shouldn’t have been processed (heat pasteurized kills bacteria but also the nutrients …)

HPP is the solution to keep it all natural and full of vitamins C&B, electrolytes, …
H for high, P for Pressure and P for ProcessingHPP is the key!

My favorite brand is Unoco!

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