Bag it!

22 Sep

21L capacity when unfold

21L capacity when unfold

Herschel Supply Co. is a company from Vancouver in Canada.
Its name comes from the little village of Herschel where the founders settle back in the 1900s.
The company now very trendy and fashionable is well known for their timeless products with fine regard for details.
Their icon product is the well known backpack with the legendary leather straps.
The backpack in its pouch

The backpack in its pouch

New addition to their products range is the “packable collection“.
The concept is plain and simple: a pouch containing a bag.
From backpack to duffel, tote and rain cover.
All models are lightweight, made of ripstop nylon.
Hidden in it’s pockets my 21L backpack ($29). Perfect for shopping or traveling or simply for a daily use.

More infos
. Herschel official website
. Follow @herschelsupply
. Instagram herschelsupply

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