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The breakfast of champions!!

29 Sep

Chia PodRecently I discovered the chia seeds at the US Open in New York City where an Australian company was giving away for free chia desserts during the 2 weeks of the tournament (thank you ChiaCorp!).
There were many flavors and I tried them all (banana, vanilla, strawberry,…).
Its consistence was weird (kind of slimy) at first and not very sweet (which I liked, my friend missed the sugar).
I loved it and became a regular at the Chia Corp booth.
I wanted to know more about this little black seed.
Digging a bit, I discovered that the Chia Pod were gluten free (quite fancy right now), dairy free and vegan.
Digging a bit further, I learned that it was a seed that the Aztecs used to eat often for it’s long lasting energy it provides.
So what composes the seed to qualify it of the label “superfood“?
The chia is a great source of
. omega-3 fatty acids,
. high quality proteins,
. natural antioxidants
. and dietetic fibre (good for a healthy digestive system),
. as well as Omega-6 and Omega-9 fatty acids.

The chia seeds have the property to absorb liquids and grow to become a slimy texture stuffed with liquids.

Back home in France, I didn’t find the Chia pods so I decided to buy the seeds and to make my very own chia pudding!

The recipe is super super easy, even for me.

Soy milk, chia seeds and that's it!

Soy milk, chia seeds and that’s it!

Chia seeds first

Chia seeds first

add the milk and stir

add the milk and stir

. Drown one portion of chia seeds with 4 portions of liquid (I use almond milk or nut milk, my brother coconut water)
. and go watch an episode of House Hunters international,
. after 20 minutes, stir,Chia seeds
. watch another episode and 20 minutes later stir again,
. Let it rest for the night in the fridge and voila!

The Next morning, you got yourself your breakfast ready to eat!
I add honey, some nuts, kinako powder or cranberries but plain is great too!

It fills me easily until the next meal, and you have usually left overs for the next couple of days.
I even take it at the office when I don’t have the time to eat a proper lunch (as you know I’m not into sandwiches).

Chocolate sprinkles on Chia pudding

Chocolate sprinkles on Chia pudding


More infos
. Chia Corp official website
. Follow Chia Corp
. TheChiaCo on Instagram
. Spork on the walk

Bag it!

22 Sep

21L capacity when unfold

21L capacity when unfold

Herschel Supply Co. is a company from Vancouver in Canada.
Its name comes from the little village of Herschel where the founders settle back in the 1900s.
The company now very trendy and fashionable is well known for their timeless products with fine regard for details.
Their icon product is the well known backpack with the legendary leather straps.
The backpack in its pouch

The backpack in its pouch

New addition to their products range is the “packable collection“.
The concept is plain and simple: a pouch containing a bag.
From backpack to duffel, tote and rain cover.
All models are lightweight, made of ripstop nylon.
Hidden in it’s pockets my 21L backpack ($29). Perfect for shopping or traveling or simply for a daily use.

More infos
. Herschel official website
. Follow @herschelsupply
. Instagram herschelsupply

Shining like a star!

15 Sep

Misfit ShineI’m into the Nike Fuelband for more than 738 days now. I’m addicted, I don’t leave home without it and if I forget it I come back to pick it up…

Today, I received the Shine by Misfit.

Basically it’s a small pod (containing 3 accelerometers) that you can wear as a clip (for the shoes or pocket), as a bracelet or as a necklace.
The Shine, as the Fuelband, promises to track your activity, day and night.

The Shine and its accessories straight from the box

The Shine and its accessories straight from the box



First, let’s unpack the Shine and open it to put in the battery (lifetime is about 6 months). Inside the package a plastic wristband, a clip, a battery and an handy tool to open the pod and insert the battery.

The Shine on its magnetic clip

The Shine on its magnetic clip

The Shine is also a watch

Ready for a morning run

The battery lasts up to 6 months

The battery lasts up to 6 months

Then let’s sync it with the iPhone (free app to download on iTunes).
Launch the app, double tap the pod and place it on your iPhone screen in the red circle (sometimes it works when I keep it close to the iPhone, so I don’t have to unclip it).

The Shine splits each day in 4 sections: day, night, weight and friends.

As the other “health trackers app”, the Shine app allows you to set goals. Goals in term of activity, sleep and weight loss.

1. Day: the Shine tracks the activity like any other band. The activities are split by types and times (swimming, running, walking (pretty active, kinda active), …

You can create sessions too.
Just triple tap the pod and start tagging your activity.
30 minutes of land-surfing using the wristband got me about 200 points (while wearing it at the wrist, 4 bright lights on my pod).

your daily score and objective

your daily score and objective

traduction of your score in steps, cal and km

traduction of your score in steps, cal and km

Highlight of today

Highlight of today

2. Night: the pod tracks your sleep.
I set my goal at 8 hours of sleep, then when I go to bed, the tracking of my sleep starts. You can set an alarm to wake up the next morning.
Your sleep will be split between restful sleep vs light sleep periods. It will also tell you when you went to bed and woke up.

Analysis of the night

Analysis of the night

Weekly analysis of the sleep

Weekly analysis of the sleep

. The Fuelband doesn’t analyze your sleep. You just see the activity line on the bottom of your chart. It calculates the duration of your sleep and your average sleeping time.
. The Jawbone tracks your sleep in details with a split between deep and light sleep as well as awakening duration.

3. The weight loss or gain.
Weight yourself and add the results, the Shine will draw a nice chart.

4. You can also search for your friends having a Shine and add them so you can challenge them.

What about the battery?
3-4 days for the Fuelband and a week for the Jawbone,
Basically I should be good for 6 months with the Shine, then I just need to replace the battery!!
The pod is waterproof unlike the Fuelband and Jawbone.

What’s fun with the Shine is the fact that you have accessories to track the most effective way your daily activities (necklace, wristband or clip for the shoes (when you bike)).

I like the fact that I don’t have to charge the pod every 3-4 days, I can totally forget it.
I don’t have to take it off while having a shower or swimming in the pool.
Now biking and swimming count unlike the Fuelband and the Jawbone!

I’m ok with the fact that unlike the Fuelband I don’t have a screen to check my progress, instead I have 12 led lights blinking. And with a bit of practice I can also read the time and understand its blinking language.

I don’t like the fact that it contains a strong magnet that may interfere with my other tech devices (since I wear it, I didn’t notice any interferences yet).

ChaseIt or BChased ?
If I have to sum it up, I love this Shine and I hope more friends will switch to it so we can compare our activities. I’m ready to drop the Fuelband!

. the Apple Watch is supposed to be THE standard when we talk about connected bracelet. Priced at $399 for the lowest models, it should be released early 2015.
. The Shine is priced at $99

More infos
. Shine official website
. Follow @misfit

I’m a landsurfer … almost

9 Sep

Check it out! I’ve been practicing very hard to stand and have the style on my Biscuit by Hamboards.

Land-surf 101!

8 Sep

Landsurfing on the Hamboards BiscuitI always wanted to skate, but I missed the opportunity and inline-skated instead, then I was too busy to give it a shot.
I thought skating was not for me, thinking again skating is not for me BUT land-surfing IS!
I just received my Biscuit from the Californian family company called Hamboards.

The model is the Biscuit Hamboo.

The first thing I must say is it’s a beautiful board, a piece of art, so beautiful I want to hang it on the wall.
Just looking at it you can tell someone built it with love and care.

Not just anyone because each board is signed by its maker and this time mine have been made by Tory Johnson (thanks TJ!).

The Biscuit and its spectacular shape

The Biscuit and its spectacular shape

It's a piece of art

It’s a piece of art, shaped with love

Time to check it out in the wild

Signed and numbered

The board is covered with a grainy/satin coating while the back is smooth and shiny with the name of board, its very own unique number, the signature of its maker and the green wheels and trucks.

Tag along to see if I’ll make it in one piece and become a land-surfer.

Testing of the balance on the carpet

Testing of the balance on the carpet

Testing of the "speed" in the hallway

Testing of the “speed” in the hallway

Practicing in the wild

Practicing in the wild, barefoot then with shoes

Day #1, let’s find the balance and the foot which will push. I stayed safely on a carpet, it was easier …

Day #2, let’s start to push a bit and stay on the board, I was practicing in a hallway on wooden floor. I pushed on the wall to gain “speed” and help myself with the balance. I started my first attempts to pump but was not at ease as I lost balance.

Day #3, let’s try to look “surfy” and go in the open wild boardwalk.
I found a great spot in Santa Monica with a small slope, great to try the carving (it looked like a hill to me, but it was small).
I fall a bit, scratched my feet (I was barefoot) and board but that’s part of the process. No pain, no gain. Nothing serious and definitively lots of fun and progress.

Day #4, back on the board (this time with shoes) and trying to improve the push/pump and carve. I’ll make it!

So, is land-surfing for anyone?
YES! But like anything else it takes a bit of patience to get the hang of it.
I’m now a land-surfer in becoming and I love it!!!
Practicing hard now to be matching Hamboards values and spirit of the land-surfing.
Now I can push, pump and carve, need to work on the style 😉

Photo 22-08-2014 6 16 01 pm


PS: get this tool that will help you tighten all the screws, nuts and bolts of your board to surf safely. Mine is green matching the color of my wheels.

Also, add helmet and wrists protection so your mom will be relieved 😉






More infos on
. The official Hamboards website
. The official Hamboards Europe website
. Like Hamboards Facebook
. Like Hamboards Europe Facebook
. Instagram Hamboards and Hamboards_Europe
. Follow @Hamboards and @Hamboardseurope

Thank for your help: Pete, Gus, Don and Andre

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