It won’t be lost for everyone !

19 May

If like my friend, let’s call him Kiki to preserve his honor an the one of his family 😉 you got mugged in a bar by a girl who stole your iPhone 4s that you stupidly placed on the table … Don’t panic.
Here are the 3 steps you MUST follow to find you phone or at least have it’s content back on your next iPhone …

1. You NEED to activate the “Find my Phone” option
Go to “Settings”/ “iCloud” and turn on the toggle “Find my phone
While you in the iCloud menu, please consider turning on the iCloud backup.
The backup will be done automatically while wifi- connected, this will ensure that if you lose, break your iPhone, … You’ll just have to enter your iCloud ID and password and your content will be reinstall on your new iPhone.

Photo 14-05-2014 9 18 34 am Photo 14-05-2014 9 18 46 am

2. When the girl is running away with your phone, faster than you, use a friend’s iPhone, iPad or random computer. Log in on the page and type ID/password and go to the Locate my phone page … And you will be able to track it down, give it’s location to the police, send message on the screen, an alarm tone and even erase its content!

Photo 15-05-2014 8 44 56 am Photo 15-05-2014 8 45 12 am

3. Last step, if you really can’t find your phone, call your mobile operator and have it blocked …

Now, you know what to do and for your info our Kiki just bought a brand new iPhone 5s!

PS: I used the locate my phone once when my iPhone fall in the grass while leaving a taxi, I would never ever found it without this tracking option.

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