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I’m not into sandwich!

12 May

Thermo-pot by Black+BlumFor lunch, I like to go to restaurants, japanese restaurants to be precise. But sometimes I don’t have time because I have to stay at the office to finish THE presentation that will save the world or not …
When this happens, I have my super Thermo-Pot by Black+Blum with me and I’m ready to kick the PowerPoint!
Thermo-pot by Black+BlumWhy the Thermo-Pot?
. It’s great to keep your food warm for at least 6 hours (miso soup, congee, ramen, donburi…)
. It’s a beautiful stainless steel bottle
. The spoon, that goes with it, is magnetic and will rest nicely on it’s spot on the side of the bottle
. It’s a 500ml/20OZ size, so it’s big enough for lunch
. The stopper is made of cork and this is coolThermo-pot by Black+Blum

Of course my Thermo-Pot is dishwasher-friendly as I’m not into hand-washing 😉

More info
. Black+Blum official website
. Follow @blackblum

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