The return of the ManPack!

28 Apr

The ManPack 2.0I loved my Man-Pack even if I’m a girl, and it’s not a girlpack, it’s a ManPack!
When I received my first Man-Pack I loved it and carried it everywhere with me.
Then I handed it over to brother who was begging me to have it.
Then I received the Man-Pack2.0, this time hubby was into it so much that I offered him my Manpack 2.0.
I’m too nice … or they are too tall …

Why is the Man-Pack2.0 so cool ?
1/ The Man-Pack 2.0 has lots of pockets.
. A hidden padded pocket in the back for the iPad.
. 2 exterior pockets perfect for the iPhone/Blackberry/Samsung.The ManPack 2.0
. 4 inside pockets (great to fit my wallets (the Crabby wallet and the Simple wallet, never put all your eggs in the same basket), my portable battery Sherpa 50)
2/ The Man-Pack looks plain and simple and that works with me.
3/ Pencil slots under the hood but easy to grab. Perfect for my SpacePen.
4/ The collapsible bottle pocket that I’m using with my PolarBottle, or a pack of Kleenex when I’m not thirsty 😉
5/ The adjustable chest strap is handy and comes with a pocket and a quick-release clasp.
6/ The Man-Pack 2.0 is rugged and will fit all usages: from camping, to going to school or to the office as well as traveling, … And it’s rainproof.

 The ManPack 2.0  The ManPack 2.0  The ManPack 2.0

Did you know that Aaron Tweedie (the creator of the ManPack) is launching a new Kickstarter campaign to promote his brand new Kid-Pack?
Check it out and get 10% off using the code #ChaseIT.

More on the Man-Pack
. Follow @manpack1
. Official website
. support The Kid-Pack campaign on Kickstarter
. Buy the Man-Pack on the official Man-Pack website

PS: on the picture, you’ll have recognize the S-Biner by Niteize, the Sherpa 50 by GoalZero, the PolarBottle, the Yurbuds earphones, the Grid-it by Cocoon, the NewEra Bluetooth earpiece by Jawbone, the Fisher Spacepen, the Crabby wallet and Simple wallet.

3 Responses to “The return of the ManPack!”

  1. andy1076 April 28, 2014 at 4:31 PM #

    hum! if it had a solar charging panel id buy it in a heartbeat! I like though 🙂

  2. viveka April 28, 2014 at 8:56 PM #

    Wow, only space for a bed missing – what a bag!!!!


  1. Breaking news, 10% of the Man-Pack! | Chase It Or B Chased - April 29, 2014

    […] your cart using the promo code #chaseit (valid until May 31st). Enjoy! Don’t forget to read our review of the Man-Pack […]

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