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Sent by my iPhone? What about your e-mail signature?

17 Mar

imageWhat’s your signature ?
When you send a mail with a smartphone, you have an automatic not-always-wanted signature at the bottom of your mail.
For the iPhone, it simply says “sent by my iPhone” but I’m sure that, like me, you would like to customise it!

Let’s do this in 3 clicks on your iPhone!
. ClickOne, Go to “Settings
. ClickTwo, select “Mails/Contacts/Calendars”
. Then scroll down to ClickThree “Signature
You can have one signature for all your email accounts or one for each account.
I decided to customise my signature for each account (one professional and one personal).

imageNow, it’s your turn 😉 but here is the tip: type your data, don’t copy/paste your signature from a mail or doc because then when you type your messages, the automatic warp won’t work and you will be written “outside” your screen and it’s a pain …

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