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Let’s bury the plate!

10 Feb

EcoSouLifeJust recently, I stumbled across EcoSouLife’s Biodegradable products in a local outdoor retailer in Melbourne.

This Australian brand has launched a full range of environmentally conscious tableware and lifestyle products that aim to replace harmful plastics and melamine’s which pollute the environment.
They will completely biodegrade once buried under the earth (I would not bury my bowl though, but it’s great to know that if we want we can do it).EcoSouLife

How is it possible ?
Those products are simply made with natural ingredients such as bamboo and cornstarch.


So what came from the earth can go straight back into the earth.

I bought two bowls! My bowl now is eco-friendly, dishwasher-safe, heat resistant and of course re-usable (don’t use it in the microwave though).

EcoSouLife targets the campers and eco-conscious buyers, like you and me.
I’m not a camper (I don’t want to fight with a bear for a corn flake) but why not try to buy and support Eco smart initiatives! So from now on, I will eat my ice cream, my cornflakes, my congee in an eco bowl!

More infos
. EcoSouLife official website
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The power is at the end of the cable!

3 Feb

Power meter by Power PotSometimes when you charge you phone it takes like for ages to have a full battery.
Ever wonder why ?
Because the plug you are using is not 100% effective, and as, if like me you are not electrician, you don’t see it by simply looking at the plug.

We need help to optimise our device charging!

Great news, I found the ultimate product that will help all of us: the Practical Meter!

imageBasicaly, what you have to do is
. put your plug in the wall
. insert the USB-like Practical Meter
. and finally plug your charging cable.
Then, the Practical Meter starts measuring power from 1 to 10 watts (just check how many of its 5 lights are blinking).
You can even hook it up to a portable solar panel to appreciate the efficiency of the placement vs the sun, clouds and shadow.

The Practical Meter is a great invention to help you maximise your time and your charging.image
Use it on a USB plug, USB computer port, … And you will know how long it will take to charge your device.

PS: one drawback that is not really one, but I would have liked have it as a keyring (as I’m scared to loose it).

More infos
. The Power Meter page on Powerpot

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