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Fuel me up … SE!

24 Feb

Nike + Fuelband SE
I’m a fan of the Nike Fuelband.
When it was released in 2012, I was among the first ones to buy it and since then I’ve been trying to reach my daily goal everyday (to motivate you to be more active, your Fuelband pushes you to reach a daily goal. Break 3 goals in a row and you start a streak. Try to have the longest streak.)
I’ve been active since more than 562 days and I just switched to the brand new Fuelband SE since 41 days.

What does the Fuelband SE brings extra to the plate than the regular Fuelband?

Nike Fuelband SE Nike + Fuelband SE Photo 22-02-2014 9 36 15 am

. The sessions
Start sessions from your bracelet or iPhone. Then, when done, stop the session and check your iPhone to rename it as “gym”, “sleep”, “walking”, “golfing”, “Nike Training Club”, … or a customized session name like “walking the dog” …

Each types sessions will be saved by type so you can follow up your progress.
The sessions are great because now you can zoom your activity and can analyze it.

The sleep sessions are not as detailed as the Jawbone Up but we are getting there slowly.

. The hours won
It’s a new concept to invite you to move a little bit more during your desk life asking. “Win an hour” by moving at least 5 consecutive minutes during an hour.

Also on the menu

Nike + Fuelband SE Nike + Fuelband SE Nike + Fuelband SE

. The trophies
To celebrate extra achievements of yours. Double you daily goal, start a streak, … Fuelband is in your corner to cheer you up.
. The friends
Add up you friends and compare their daily, weekly progress with yours.
. The groups
Create a group, add friends and start the challenges.

The rest of the functions are basically the same (calories burned, steps, time, …).

The look of the bracelet changed a bit and the buckle is now colored, gold or black (mine is black) and now silver ($169).

So is it worth upgrading from The Fuelband to the Fuelband SE?
Yes, if you do sport regularly and want to keep tracks of your sessions! But don’t forget to charge it. The sessions makes it more hungry for power.

The price is $149. It’s available online or in the Nike stores (the nice salesperson will even help you set it up and create a Nike+ account with you, this is neat).

Good to know:

Nike Fuelband SE Nike + Fuelband SE Nike + Fuelband SE charging

. I noticed that the algorithm and the accelerometers are now more accurate then with the Fuelband1 and I earn less fuel daily than I did before for the same kind of day pattern, so I had to adjust my daily goals
. You want to start a Session? just push the button until “Start” appears on the bracelet then release and press once “3, 2, 1, Go” will blink … now you can start moving don’t forget to stop your session when done (just push the button until you see “end” blinking then push once)
. How to know the battery level without using your iPhone? just push the button, “start” will blink then keep pushing and the battery status will blink

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