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The power is at the end of the cable!

3 Feb

Power meter by Power PotSometimes when you charge you phone it takes like for ages to have a full battery.
Ever wonder why ?
Because the plug you are using is not 100% effective, and as, if like me you are not electrician, you don’t see it by simply looking at the plug.

We need help to optimise our device charging!

Great news, I found the ultimate product that will help all of us: the Practical Meter!

imageBasicaly, what you have to do is
. put your plug in the wall
. insert the USB-like Practical Meter
. and finally plug your charging cable.
Then, the Practical Meter starts measuring power from 1 to 10 watts (just check how many of its 5 lights are blinking).
You can even hook it up to a portable solar panel to appreciate the efficiency of the placement vs the sun, clouds and shadow.

The Practical Meter is a great invention to help you maximise your time and your charging.image
Use it on a USB plug, USB computer port, … And you will know how long it will take to charge your device.

PS: one drawback that is not really one, but I would have liked have it as a keyring (as I’m scared to loose it).

More infos
. The Power Meter page on Powerpot

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