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250 free GrabNGo bands for you!

29 Jan

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Grab it N use it!

27 Jan

Grabngo band
Sometimes it’s the most simple idea that makes the best products.
How many times have you leave home and forget your keys, wallet, credit card, cash, … ?
It won’t happen anymore with the Grab N Go!
Grab N Go is born and will allow you to bring together your phone (the thing you have in your hand 24/7) and your keys, wallet, credit card, cash, …

But you can be creative, my friend uses it to stop losing her reading glasses and guess what, it then makes a stand for your phone!

Useful, light and colourful (you can pick your GrabNGoBand, from a choice of 10 different colours) and cheap ($5.00 for 5) once you try it you won’t do without it!
The first 250 of you guys will receive a free GrabNGo Band, you just have to sign in (only valid if you are US-based).

Grabngo band image image

More infos
. Follow @GrabNGoBand
. official website GrabNGo

No more Safari on my iPhone!

23 Jan

imageI love my iPhone.
I can do so much stuff with it: working, playing, writing my blog, … I help my friends and contacts with its use, choosing the right apps that will answer their needs but sometimes all goes very wrong.

And it did for my friend who didn’t have Safari installed on her brand new out-of-the-box iPhone 5S and this was weird, very weird!
Because Safari, Music, FaceTime, iTunes Store, in-app purchase, Siri, AirDrop are all built-in whatever-you-do apps that are always installed on your iPhones, iPad.

We went to the Mothership, also called AppleStore, and discussed this with genius Daniel who introduced us to the Restriction menu.

The Restriction menu is an option you can active and disable by a code to select the built-in apps you want to use or not.

Let’s say you are offering an iPhone to your child and don’t want him/her to buy in-app purchases. You can turn it off and no more pop ins during games asking if you want to buy an extra pack …
All you have to do is create a 4 digits code (that you have to remember) to trigger the option or not.

Now, like us, you know how to solve this and Safari is back on the phone!

image image image

Don’t need my frog anymore!

20 Jan

imageIt’s the fourth day in a row that Melbourne is suffering a heat wave (more than 40C or 114F).
Couldn’t be a better time to test my brand new premium anodized aluminium edition Thermodo!image
Thermodo is a tiny portable thermometer shaped as your best friend keyring.

Launch the free Thermodo app downloaded on iTunes and twist your Thermodo open and stick it in the imagejack entry of your iPhone or Android phone.
Let the magic begin as the Thermodo allows your iPhone to read the temperature.
Basically, Thermodo sends an audio signal through the built-in temperature sensor.
No need for battery as your iPhone powers the Thermodo!
The Thermodo is a usefull complement to your weather app as it will give you the temperature wherever you are (indoor or outdoor). Easy, clever, instructive and fun!

image image image

Notice, Thermodo is not compatible with every protection cases (because of diameter of the jack), it has been designed to work on a bare iPhone BUT you can buy an extension cable (a 4-pole extension cable) with a thin jack that will work with your case.
The cable will also help eliminate the heat of your device that could interfere with the measurement of the temperature.

Thermodo is made for iOS7 and won’t work with iOS6.

You can pre-order Thermodo for the price of $29.99 (black, white or red edition) and $44.98 for the premium edition.

More infos on Thermodo
. Follow @thermodo
. Official website Thermodo.comPS: I was among the 8,776 backers that funded the project on Kickstarter.

Harmony is in the air!

13 Jan

Logitech Harmony TouchHow many remotes do you use daily at home ?
One for the TV, one for the satellite, one for the DVD player, on for the home cinema, …
Ok let’s say at least 4, and it’s way too much!
We need a extra table just to put them on and we never know which one to pick.

Of course, Universal remotes exist for a long time but Logitech brings it further with the Harmony Touch remote!

Before Universal remotes were difficult to program
. you had to find codes for your TV, VCR, DVD play, …
. then tap keys in a specific orders, …
. a little bit of a pain with no guarantee that it would work … But that’s over.

Now, what you need is a computer (Mac or PC), then
. you link the Harmony Touch to your computer,
. and follow the steps on the site
. take the booklet, and write down the number for each of your devices
Then go back to the computer with those precious infos and follow the step by step on the screen, can’t be easier! Synchronize your remote and you are all set!

With the Harmony touch you can do much more than switching channels and volume, you can create “Activities“.

An Activity is a combination of actions you replace by one imagetap on your remote control touch screen.
For example, when I tap on the Activity called “Watch TV“, the remote switches the TV on, the satellite on and also my sound bar on.
With one tap, 3 devices on! This is clever!

When I tap Activity called “Bluetooth“, my soundbar switches to pairing mode and I can connect my iPhone to listen to my music.
The Activity called “AppleTV” will switch the tv on, switch to HDM3 and switch the AppleTV on. Can’t be more useful!

Photo 12-01-2014 18 02 29 image

The touch screen gives access to my favourite channels (up to 50), just scroll them down to select the one you want to watch.


Want to turn the volume down ? But don’t want to tap the volume down key ? Just slide down on the touch screen while in the gesture screen (up to 11 gestures are supported).

With the Harmony Touch, you can control up to 15 devices. It’s compatible with more than 225.000 devices.

PS: Charging your remote is easy with its remote cradle.

More infos
. Logitech Universal remotes website
. Follow @logitech

Stop losing, start finding!

6 Jan

Some weeks ago I backed the Chipolo project on Kickstarter (check the review “If the bluetooth tag is blue, red, yellow or … it’s a Chipolo!“).
I chose the #YouNameIt package which gives the possibility to customise the 4 Chipolo Bluetooth chips with a name (I love it).

And here they are, just landed in my mailbox! I’ve been playing with it for some days now.

I opened the package, downloaded the app on iTunes and started assigning the Chipolo to its task.
The app offers the choice between 7 icones (key, car, home, chip, heart, handbag and pet). It’s like when you play the Monopoly and choose your metal token.
I configured my first green @ChaseItOrBChase Chipolo as a key.

Chipolo Chipolo image

The icons allows you to distinguish your different Chipolos.

The motto of Chipolo is “Nothing is lost” and you Chipolo will help you track down you stuff.
When the Chipolo is in close range you can make it beep by tapping the horn on your Chipolo app.image
When you leave your Chipolo behind, it will beep and even sent you a message on your phone.
If you still forget your Chipolo somewhere, open the app and tap on the magnifier and find the timing and the address where your Chipolo was last “seen”.
Cherry on the cake, the Chipolo will also give the temperature!

Great features for a great price (24€ for 1 Chipolo, 44€ for 2, 64€ for 3, 84€ for 4)!!

Good to know:
. Distance max between you iPhone and Chipolo is 60feet
. You can configure for each Chipolo with the following features
.. In range notification
.. Out of range notification
.. Shake and find notification
. By the way, the connexion between you iPhone or Android phone is Bluetooth so even if you don’t use data outside home, you will be able to find your Chipolo and that’s way cool.

F.y.i., my green Chipolo is hooked to my work badge (to help me not forgetting it on my desk and beg a colleague to badge me in), my yellow is hanging in my bedroom and gives me the temp, my red</strong> is not yet attributed and my white is a gift for my brother.

More info on the Chipolo

Move your body, it’s January 1st!!!

1 Jan

iMuscle Home by 3D4MedicalToday is January 1st 2014.
The day you wake up with headache and drowsiness.
It’s time to change something!
Today is also the day when you make decisions, make changes, …
To improve yourselves, your life or the world …
It’s also the day, when you decide to lose the extra kg/pounds due to the past 2 weeks when your mom has been feeding you like there’s no food where you live.
Today is THE day! The day, I make the decision in front of you to go back to my gym sessions I’ve been skipping since last April

But you know, I don’t like to go to the gym (takes time, you meet people you don’t want to meet, you have to dress up fancy, you lose time going there and coming back, …) not an easy resolution to keep,
or maybe yes if you use the iMuscle Home edition.
Remember some months ago, I told you about the iMuscle2 app that you could customize to your needs on your iPhone and iPad. Now, 3D4Medical released it’s brand new version of iMuscle2 for us who want to exercise at home without gears and tools.
Just tap the muscles you want to target on the 3D human body and start building your very own work sessions or use the preset ones.

iMuscle Home by 3D4Medical iMuscle Home by 3D4Medical iMuscle Home by 3D4Medical

Why is sport so important for us ?
Because sport

. Increases production of neurochemicals that promote brain repair
. Improves memory
. Lengthens attention spanimage
. Boosts decision-making skills
. Prompts growth if the new nerve cells and blood vessels
. Improves multi-tasking and planning // source Men’s Health
And also because after your session, you will feel good and proud of yourself!
I wish you all the best for 2014!!!

Check iMuscle Home on the applestore