The Tarzan of my jungle … of cables

26 Dec

Unjungle CradleLots of iPhone docks are out there! Charging ones, non charging ones, …
A while ago I bought the Unjungle cradle to imageclean my desk from cables and, on top of it, I got the Unjungle DuoDock.
It’s made of 2 pieces of plastic (I guess straight from the 3D printer).
It’s plain and simple and does the trick even with a thick case like my Rokform with the bumper and that’s what I like. You can also use it as a stand alone dock.
Combine the Dock with the Unjungle Cradle and it will hold and charge your iPhone it at the same time with the cable pushed throught the slit.

image Unjungle cradle and dock Unjungle cradle and dock

Now let’s go back to the Unjungle cradle.

It’s made in plastic with a suction area that you can stick on whatever slick surface you want (glass, wood, plastic or metal).
The adhesive is clean and won’t mess your table, you will be able to repositionate it without issues.
The black slit will fit up to 8 cables.
The Unjungle cradle comes in 7 colours (white, black, brown, green, yellow, red and blue).

Unjungle cradle Unjungle cradle Unjungle cradle

Unjungle is alive through a successful Kickstarter campaign and now is commercially available to everyone.

The price is £9,95GBP for the Cradle and £13,95GBP for the Cradle and the DuoDock.
If you have cables issues, don’t forget to read my Cables Management review

More infos on
. Official website
. Follow @unjungleit
. Instagram Unjungle
. Pinterest Unjungle

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