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The Tarzan of my jungle … of cables

26 Dec

Unjungle CradleLots of iPhone docks are out there! Charging ones, non charging ones, …
A while ago I bought the Unjungle cradle to imageclean my desk from cables and, on top of it, I got the Unjungle DuoDock.
It’s made of 2 pieces of plastic (I guess straight from the 3D printer).
It’s plain and simple and does the trick even with a thick case like my Rokform with the bumper and that’s what I like. You can also use it as a stand alone dock.
Combine the Dock with the Unjungle Cradle and it will hold and charge your iPhone it at the same time with the cable pushed throught the slit.

image Unjungle cradle and dock Unjungle cradle and dock

Now let’s go back to the Unjungle cradle.

It’s made in plastic with a suction area that you can stick on whatever slick surface you want (glass, wood, plastic or metal).
The adhesive is clean and won’t mess your table, you will be able to repositionate it without issues.
The black slit will fit up to 8 cables.
The Unjungle cradle comes in 7 colours (white, black, brown, green, yellow, red and blue).

Unjungle cradle Unjungle cradle Unjungle cradle

Unjungle is alive through a successful Kickstarter campaign and now is commercially available to everyone.

The price is £9,95GBP for the Cradle and £13,95GBP for the Cradle and the DuoDock.
If you have cables issues, don’t forget to read my Cables Management review

More infos on
. Official website
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LaFonction1 ?

19 Dec

LaFonction1If you are traveling or always on the move (working one place, then moving to another, surrounded by fellow co-coworkers or in a Starbucks catching up on your files), you still need privacy and concentration to move forward and achieve your goals in time. LaFonction1 is there to help you!
It is the 1st product of this little French company “piKs design“.

The objectives of the LaFonction1 is to
LaFonction n1_Visuel valise-A4 72dpi. carry and protect in style your laptop and all notebooks, pens, needed cables to charge mobile phone and laptop, …
. as well as allowing you to create a private workspace wherever you seat.

LaFonction1 LaFonction1 LaFonction n1_Visuel ouvert_3-A4 72dpi

Carefully and patiently handcrafted in the workshop located in Les Cevennes (France), LaFonction1 is made with resistant textile and 1st quality leather.
LaFonction1 is an elegant, chic and quality product handmade with care, of course this comes to a price 840€.
Available worldwide on

I like the concept even if the price will keep it for the 1st class commuters and not the regular-us, but the idea is great and really answers a need (privacy while working on the move), maybe soon a cheaper all textile-model ?

More infos on
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Trashion is in!

16 Dec

Vaho Works, Melassa bag I just received my Melassa bag from Vaho Works, the company based in Barcelona.
I love this bag because of its flashy colours …
And guess what ? It’s 100% made from the outfits of the garbage collectors in Barcelona!

Vaho Works, Melassa bagEach bag is of course unique and coming from the street.
The Melassa is lined and comes with 2 handles lengths and a small inside pocket.
Love it!

Get your own on the official Vahoworks website for the price of 56€.

Vaho Works ships worldwide!

Vaho Works, Melassa bag

Discover the story behind Vaho Works.

My Xmas list 2013

1 Dec

Dear e-Santa,
This is my 3rd Xmas list yet! And this year again I chose smart products with an edge.
I hope you’ll like it and that the trunk of your car will be big enough to carry it all home 😉
1. Nest Protect
Now that it’s a legal obligation in many countries to have a smoke alarm detector home, let’s comply in style with the Nest Protect. This smoke detector is linked to your home wifi network and can even send you emails. When its alarm is triggered by your smoking toasts, just wave to the sensor and it’s muted! Price: 129$
2. Netatmo
I never know how to dress when I wake up, I need intel! Is it going to be cold, warm, raining, … I never know. With the Netatmo, you’ll be monitoring your very own weather station from your iPhone. Temperature out/in, huminidity, air quality, CO2 concentration, pollution, barometer, all in your iPhone! Price: 169euros
3. D*Haus table
This is not a regular table but a table developed following a mathematical formula invented by the English mathematician Henry Ernest Dudeney back in 1903! The Project was successfully funded on Kickstarter some months ago and is now available to everyone. The D*Haus table offers 8 low tables in 1 by repositionating the 4 distinct shapes that compose the table. Price: 1.500GBP

nest-protect_1381307369 1246187-netatmo-urban-weather-station DTable-hero3

4. Nike Free Flyknit+
Those would look great on my Cinderella’s feet. With the feel of a sock, no need to wear a sock. The sole is a 5.0 (meaning the thickest of the Free line), super comfie! Price:160$
5. Rubik E.Ion, E.ion System
When you cook, it smells food … Normal that’s why you have an extractor hood (with or without evacuation). The E.ion system by Falmec is the future of your regular extractor hood. Not only it will take care of the kitchen odors, it will also clean the air  in your home. E.Ion models are available ranging from 2.500 to 3.300euros
6. BMX i3
Let’s go serious about electric cars with this BMX. Kilometre range is at the top of the market with 300km on a full charge. If you are out of power, a tiny regular motor will take you to the next plug.
Made of plastic fibre panels moulded and glued together (BMX invented a special glue for this car), with 4 seats and a tiny trunk, you’ll be all set for urban rides and small burbs trips. Price: 30.000€

images-3 Photo-4_img595x595 Photo 01-06-2013 15 14 20

7. Compression Calf Sleeves /UA1952b
After a long day running like a rabbit you’ll be pleased with the relief coming from those compression calves. Just put them in  after your long day and … REST, the sleeves will do the rest. You have the choice between black and white. Price: 44,95$
8. Mogo by Focal Upright
Stop lolling in your chair at the office and start thinking about an healthy position that will relieve your back, neck and shoulders. It’s also a great object, design, portable, that you will be able to use on the go. I love it. Price: 100$
9. Makerbot Digitizer
3D printer are highly fashionable but the problem is to nurmerize your ideas … not anymore with the Digitizer by Makerbot, the BFF to your 3D printer! Scan any object, edit/correct it and then 3D-print it. A must-have if you are already into 3D printing. Price: 1.550$

$T2eC16J,!ykE9s7twCSeBRYqldESYw~~60_35 mogo-foldable-seat makerbot-digitizer-main1

Merry xmas!!!

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