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Sit down properly, please!

29 Nov

Photo 17-11-2013 6 35 27 pmSit Down properly, please!” … that’s what my English teacher always told me, as well as “Stop chewing please!” … But I got carried away, let’s go back to our subject of the day: the importance seat and the way we sit.
How we position ourselves while sitting is important as bad posture over prolonged periods of time can lead to back pain, neck and shoulder pain, …
Focal Upright, a company created by Martin Keen and settled in Portsmouth, Rhode Island, invented a new way of working with the Locus Workstation and their line of upright products.

Focal believes their products promote a natural balancing point by splitting the difference between sitting and standing.
The natural balancing point is a neutral position that rests back and shoulders by simply leaning.
This position also stimulates the oxygen and blood flow in our body keeping our focus on the flow.

That being said, amongst the products developed by Focal, the Mogo caught my attention.

The Mogo is a lightweight, portable hybrid seat, which is compactable so that you can take it with you wherever you go. This is smart and handy!

Photo 18-11-2013 11 45 46 am Photo 18-11-2013 11 46 03 am Photo 18-11-2013 11 46 12 am

I could see its use on a golf course, while queuing to get the new iPhone, or simply as an extra seat at home or at the office.

The Mogo is made of fibreglass nylon and its “leg” is aluminium.
The Mogo can be used on every surfaces (except wet or slick surfaces): as well as on  grass with its turf spikes, or hard surfaces with its ribber rubber cup.

The Mogo is a funny and  healthy alternative to sitting!Photo 17-11-2013 6 34 46 pm

Photo 21-11-2013 9 59 10 pm Photo 21-11-2013 9 59 15 pm Photo 21-11-2013 9 59 04 pm

Last but not least, the Mogo is affordable and priced at 100$.
Right now, it’s only distributed in the US but international orders can be handled here.

PS: check out also the Locus workstation

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