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21 Nov
Photo 18-11-2013 9 05 18 pm Photo 18-11-2013 9 05 44 pm Photo 18-11-2013 9 04 48 pm

Want to hang your favorite pictures, decorate your office, stick notes to remember … But you don’t want to use an hammer and nails or destroy the paint of the wall at the office ? I have the solution for you: the super easy DIY Dartstrip!

Dartstrip is a re-usable steel can that contains an 8 feet of white steel strip (backed with removable adhesive).
The box also includes the stip 16 BFF  also called the rare earth magnets, both go together as a horse and carriage.

The strip is snappable (by increments of 1 inch) and doesn’t need any tools: just snap it and stick it wherever you need/want and that’s it! It’s easy and you can remove it cleanly from most surfaces without leaving adhesive residue, even after long time.Photo 18-11-2013 9 03 58 pm

I NEED this, and I will stick mine in the back of the cabinet next to my cubicle at the office to hang pictures and notes (I hate white walls and I deseperately need to personalise my work space).

Chase the Dartsprip before November 26th to get the early bird special prices on Kickstarter.

Price: 25$ for 1 Dartstrip (8 feet of strip) and 16 magnets

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