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If the bluetooth tag is blue, red, yellow or … it’s a Chipolo!

27 Oct

d9e407083c9ac18b017a0af3a016abee_large-1We all use Bluetooth. Bluetooth, to connect our cell phone to our Bluetooth headphones, to our Bluetooth speakers, to a Bluetooth printer …

But now Bluetooth tags start to flourish and appear all over the market.
It started with The TileApp (that works only with iPhones, when the battery dies so does your tile, 18,99$), the StickNFind (for iPhones and Android, working within a 100 feet range, with replaceable battery, 6 colors to pick from, 2 stickNFind by pack for 49,99$) and now, the brand new Kickstarter project Chipolo .

The Chipolo already gathered more than 1.200 backers, and exploded its 15K$ objective in less than 4 days climbing up to 53K$, and my educated guess tells me it’s just the the start.

How will the Chipolo Bluetooth tags change your life?
. The Chipolo can fetch your phone just by shacking it. How cool is that?
. Chipolo comes in 9 different colors. Matching your purse, backpack or dog collar, … won’t be an achievement! I would go for green!
. When the battery dies, just replace it and continue to use your Chipolo tag (handy and eco-habit)
. The Chipolo tag comes with a built-in temperature sensor (kind of a Bluetooth tag which got married to a Thermodo and had a child … I love this feature)
. The Chipolo tags will be available by December 2013 , then January 2014.

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Price: 24$ if you preorder on Kickstarter before Nov 15th, then the retail price will be 34$

I think I definitively need the Chipolo Bluetooth tag and I’ll hang it at my office badge that I keep forgetting home!

More about the Chipolo

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