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If the bluetooth tag is blue, red, yellow or … it’s a Chipolo!

27 Oct

d9e407083c9ac18b017a0af3a016abee_large-1We all use Bluetooth. Bluetooth, to connect our cell phone to our Bluetooth headphones, to our Bluetooth speakers, to a Bluetooth printer …

But now Bluetooth tags start to flourish and appear all over the market.
It started with The TileApp (that works only with iPhones, when the battery dies so does your tile, 18,99$), the StickNFind (for iPhones and Android, working within a 100 feet range, with replaceable battery, 6 colors to pick from, 2 stickNFind by pack for 49,99$) and now, the brand new Kickstarter project Chipolo .

The Chipolo already gathered more than 1.200 backers, and exploded its 15K$ objective in less than 4 days climbing up to 53K$, and my educated guess tells me it’s just the the start.

How will the Chipolo Bluetooth tags change your life?
. The Chipolo can fetch your phone just by shacking it. How cool is that?
. Chipolo comes in 9 different colors. Matching your purse, backpack or dog collar, … won’t be an achievement! I would go for green!
. When the battery dies, just replace it and continue to use your Chipolo tag (handy and eco-habit)
. The Chipolo tag comes with a built-in temperature sensor (kind of a Bluetooth tag which got married to a Thermodo and had a child … I love this feature)
. The Chipolo tags will be available by December 2013 , then January 2014.

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Price: 24$ if you preorder on Kickstarter before Nov 15th, then the retail price will be 34$

I think I definitively need the Chipolo Bluetooth tag and I’ll hang it at my office badge that I keep forgetting home!

More about the Chipolo

This one is on me! Have a drink!

24 Oct

2013-07-23 09.53.45Hydration is key! Why?
Because we are made of water.
When adult our body contains about 60% of water, our heart is made of 79% of water, our muscles 76%.
Did you know that we need 6 weeks to renew the water in our body?
And it’s advised to drink 8 glasses of or 1,5l of water a day to be well hydrated

How to know when you are dehydrated?
If you are thirsty, it’s already too late you are dehydrated!
If you sweat a lot, you loose a lot of minerals and salts and again you are dehydrated!
When you sleep and wake up the next morning, you wake up dehydrated!
Being dehydrated is bad for us and has many consequences,
. The heart beat increases
. We have difficulty to concentrate
. As well as our cognitive skills decrease (language, memorization, thinking, coordination of the movements, …)

Basically, we all need to drink but not whatever drinks …
That’s when I started to browse the web to find solutions … And one of them is called Nuun (electrolyte enhanced drink tabs).

Nuun is all about hydration and they produced sugar-free tabs that we add to our bottle of water that will enhance our regular water to make it a beverage that will keep us hydrated whatever your activity.

Nuun carries 3 different products to be used depending on your physical activity

. U natural hydration: to stay balanced and refreshed with less than 7 calories per tab. It comes in 4 flavors, 16 vitamins and contains less electrolytes than the other Nuun products. I use it when I stay at home.
Potassium 77mg (2%DV) / Sodium 180mg (7%DV) / 0g sugar
. Nuun all day hydration: to help us drink more water daily. Enhanced with vitamins and minerals. This one I use for the office.
Potassium 200mg (6%DV)/ Sodium 60mg (3%DV) / 0g sugar
. Nuun active hydration, for our sports activities lasting more than 60 minutes. I use this one when in extreme hot weather or when I play tennis.
Potassium 97mg (2%DV) / Sodium 345mg (14%DV) / 0g sugar

image image image

Then it’s all a question of tastes as the Nuun tabs come in different flavors.
I like the Tropical and Strawberry for the Nuun Active hydration.

Nuun actually tastes good and is “easy” to drink, upgrading your regular fountain water to a vitamins and electrolytes-enriched water.

Be aware of the following
. Too much intake of sodium (can lead to hypertension) and potassium can be dangerous.
. Daily intake while eating normal will bring you 6-7g sodium.
When you are sweating because of hot weather or because of practicing sport you can go up to 10g (15g when re-hydrating).
. An average of 4700 mg potassium is ok, when practicing sport you can go higher.

Thanks to JB Fabre from @ESPConsulting13 for his help regarding the health aspects of this review.

More info on
. Nuun official website
. Follow @nuunhydration
. Follow @ESPConsulting13

Still time to join #TeamKG, T-99!

15 Oct

Photo 14-10-2013 7 06 14 pmKelly Gunther is a beautiful athlete who discovered her love for figure skating at a very early age.
At the ripe old age of just 6 she decided to try inline racing.

After dominating the inline circuit, Kelly made the switch to the ice and quickly rose to become one of the most promising prospects of the American Long-Track Speed Skating Team.
After narrowly missing the Vancouver Olympics, Kelly suffered a horrific ankle injury in training.
Against all odds, she was back on the ice only months later. Three years later, Kelly is firmly entrenched on the US National Speed Skating Team.

Now, Kelly is getting ready for
. the US World Cup Qualifications
. the Qualifications to represent Team USA at the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia.

Let’s discuss with Kelly and follow her journey to the Winter Olympics!

. How did you discover skating?
I discovered skating by just going to the roller rink on a Sunday afternoon for a “family skate” and just fell in love with it, I never wanted to leave! I just wanted to keep doing it over and over again and get the hang of these wheels under my feel and how they really worked! All I wanted to do was spin really, really fast and fall! That was fun to me as a little girl! Then watching figure skating as that little girl, I knew right there and then that’s what I wanted to do.

. You came back from a dramatic accident, tell us what happened and how you did find the courage to step back onto the ice?Photo 14-10-2013 4 01 15 pm
I fell going into the very first corner of a 500M race and the last races of the season of the 2010 year. I’m not actually sure what had happen besides I did not have my foot firmly in the ice & my feet just slipped out and went feet first into the pads. there was so much momentum but my foot stuck into the wall like a dart. Think tearing a drumstick off a chicken…

I will never forget this day ever. After doing months and months of rehab in Colorado Springs, CO and having to find my support group I just knew that I could do it, or at least wanted too, I didn’t know if I was going to be able. After being off my skates for 6 months (the longest I’ve ever been off of them since I put them on.) I wasn’t sure what was ahead of me, but I had talked to all the people who were supposed to know these things. For a month I was wondering was going to be okay? Or was I done? I had so many questions that no one had the answers to. After another month of doing more and more rehab, I was ready to step out on the ice for the very first time since my crash.

I was pretty scared, I can’t lie to you and say I wasn’t because I was, but I just found the courage inside of me to just overcome that fear.

. How has the injury affect you & what did the accident change?
My very first race since I had fallen, I can’t say the same. The morning of the race I was shaking. I had to face the corner of where I had fallen and now here I was not even a year later. Scared to death, I cried standing there at the starting line and just staring at that corner, but I knew I had something to overcome. I never had to face such a big fear in my life before, but ay know how they say, you’re biggest fear is the one you don’t come face to face with? Well, I had come face to face with mine and I was not going to let it beat me or get me down. I overcame it and I knew I had too if I wanted to keep skating and make my dreams come true.
The injury has taught me so much about LIFE and who you really are. I could have easily just walked away from the sport that I loved for so long right there and there, but I knew I couldn’t let it affect me it was just something I had to deal with and learn how to deal with it!

The accident has really shown me how to grow up and find your team & your support team who’s going to be behind you. I had really found that doing all of this. Doing my rehab in Colorado it just changed it all, If I wasn’t there I really don’t think I would be back up on my feet and skating where I am at today. I had to start ALL back over as if I never knew how to skate. I had to teach myankle to bend, run, and your everyday stuff that you may not think that is so hard, but when your ankle isn’t so strong its hard!Photo 14-10-2013 6 44 02 pm

. How do you prepare to race off the ice?
I prepare off the ice with a lot of different training. Weight training, running, dryalnd, biking, and hot yoga!

. Today is “T-100 Days to Sochi”. Aside from making the team, what are some of your objectives ?

Wow, Only a 100 days! How exciting! Thinking about it, just gives me the chills and very excited about making my dreams come true! 
My Other objectives are showing and helping kids know that they can do anything that they want if they just believe! Just because you have a huge fear in front of you or whatever it may be, you can’t just ignore it. You must face it as scared as you may be, you have to overcome it and know it will be the best feeling in the world once you do!

. What is #TeamKG ?
#TeamKG means are you ready to come along with me and see how this journey is going to happen! When the world seems to turn against you, you have to be ready to believe WE GOT OURSELVES A GAME!!!
I would like to take the time to say, “Thank you for my Mom who has been there for me no matter what has happen. She’s my rock, best friend, coach(So she thinks or helps out!) and so much more to me than just my Mom. If it wasn’t for sure always believing in me and letting me know that it was going to be okay, I’m not sure I can say I’d be where am today. Thanks Mom for everything and for putting your life on hold for my dreams! I’d also like to thank my friend & agent Chuck Vine for believing in me and not giving me a chance to prove him wrong! I’d would like to thank you (Julie) for this time to interview me & and ask me these questions! I really enjoyed answering them and I hope you liked what you got to read a little bit about me! I’m hoping it will inspire people to want to support me & even contribute to my ‘Rally Me’ campaign. It’s becoming almost impossible to pay my living expenses & pay for my training and equipment. I don’t get any financial support for being on the US National Team!Photo 14-10-2013 3 51 37 pm

But after my ankle, I know a thing or two about overcoming impossible!

Join the #TeamKG on twitter and follow @KellyGunther throughout qualifications up to the Olympics!
Check Kelly’s story on YouTube and support Kelly’s Rally Me campaign to go to Sotchi 2014.

Your ears, Yurbuds!

14 Oct

imageI use my iPhone and iPad 24/7, to listen to @WRMF, watch TV shows, watch tennis matches on TennisLive and also to FaceTime, Skype and call.

I don’t like to have the phone near my head because it’s warming up, I hate having one hand busy with the phone and not being able to take notes on my phone while talking, …

That’s why I’m always using headsets.

My preference goes to the iPhone headset I received with the phone but lately we moved to a landscape office and I needed to take the “earphones files” seriously and upgrade.
Many choices were possible: stick to the iPhone earphones, or explore what’s out there.

Let’s explore together.

There are 3 types of earphones out there: around the ears, inside the ears or the regular headsets covering the ears.

SB_10_BlkGold copy  product-template_5_66  marshall-major-headphones

The key specs for me are the following
. Comfortable to wear all day long (I need a great bud bit in my ear)
. Fit for bad weather or sports
. Great to listen to music or to talk on the phone for hours (I need a mic)
. Easy/light to carry with me all day long (so no regular headsets for me)

At the end of my benchmark, 2 headsets passed my personal cut: the Beats Tour by Dre (149,99$) and the Yurbuds Iron Man edition for woman (59,99$).

41754et2012101827_1376726658 yurbuds-ironman-inspire-pro-headphones_49440_600x450

The pros for the Beats Tour by Dre: small buds, light, flat red wire, easy to tight around your iPhone when not listening to music, sleek and stylish but …
The Beats are expensive and I don’t like inner headphones and also you don’t hear the noise around you and this can be dangerous while running or simply walking downtown as you are cut from the traffic.

Consequently, I decided to skip the Beats to turn myself to the Yurbuds which passed the final cut because
. the buds are extremely comfortable to wear all day long,
. they are light, made of silicon (don’t hurt my ears)
. and exist in 4 different colors
. the buds are sweat and water resistant
. they are ment to never fall out! Just insert them in your ear, twist and lock, they will not fall out where you are running, doing exercises …
Be aware that the buds for men and women have different shapes to respect the ear shape

image image image

The model I chose has a dry mic with controls (volume up, volume down, start/stop the music, answer/hang-up phone calls, advance to next song, go back to beginning of the song).image

The cable is a little bit longer than the standard iPhone one, the extra 3 inches are not really necessary for me)
. The jack is thin and will fit cases like Rockform ones, this is definitively a plus. The Y-shape dry mic is placed a little bit far from the mouth but this can easily be fixed with the clip for the cable provided
. Yurbuds headphones also come with an extra pair of silicon buds to perfectly for your inner ear (small and bigger size)
. In the box, I received a little read pouch, an extra pair or silicon buds (larger) and a cable clip
. The price is affordable 59,99$

The claim of Yurbuds is “Developed by athletes for athletes“, I’m an urban athlete so it will work for me!

imageBut what about the sound ? I asked to an expert MrT working in the music business for many years now and he tested the Yurbuds vs the iPhone headphones provided by Apple. For him, the Yurbuds sound quality  is very close to the Beats ones, with much presence and lots of bass. Works for me!

More info
. Visit Yurbuds official website
. Follow @yurbuds

iTunes TV shows with iOS7

11 Oct

Since I switched from iOS6 to iOS7, I had the disagreement to see on my iPad all the TV shows I downloaded since … forever …
I simply wanted to see the new tv shows episodes ready to be watched.
It was bugging me big time, but guess what? I just found the solution!
Go to Settings then iTunes&App Store then toggle OFF the videos and only the TV shows on your device will appear on your screen.

image image

Check the difference on those 2 screens.

image image

You can do the same for the audio too.

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