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No pain, your gain!

30 Sep

imageWe have this beta fish for 21 months and it’s still alive and swimming in the same ugly square vase as it arrives 21 months ago. Square vase is better than round bowl because it gives bearings to the fish …
With my colleagues we changed the water every once a while (about 2 times a week or less).
Then I discovered the Kickstarter project called NoClean Aquarium.
The concept catches my attention because there was no more changing the water, just refill of water and the dirty water is evacuated through a “faucet”.
When I was in NY, I ordered it online, checked it in and fly it over to unpack it back home.

Basically in the package you’ll find the
. faucet,
. a plastic grill,
. a plastic reservoir,
. a kind of a plastic screw and it’s base,
. a tube
. and some rocks I ordered.

So is it easy to install?
Yes, instructions are ok and fairly easy to follow (no more difficult than building an Ikea shelve).
Is the fish happy? Actually it looks kind of happy, swimming around, sniffing the rocks, playing with the tube.
I didn’t add a plant yet but will do soon.

image image image

What about the special NoClean function? At the end, it’s the reason why I bout the NoClean aquarium instead of another regular fish tank!

This works very well!
Just pour clean, not too warm, not too cold water in the tank and watch the magic, the filthy debris and crumbs run out of the faucet. When enough has been poured the water stops running and the level of the water of the tank goes back to where it was.

I love it and changing the water of the fish is not a chore anymore and it’s even fun!
To be sure to evacuate the dirty crumbs, be sure to place the stones efficiently so it goes down through the stones to the bottom of the plastic cup.

More infos on NoClean Aquarium web site

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