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iPhone 5 vs 5S and 5C

13 Sep

Every time a new iPhone is announced, I’m hesitating if it´s worth switching from the current iPhone to the brand new model.
Let’s understand the new features that are supposed to have us jump on the iPhone 5S or 5C.

imageiPhone 5S comes with
1. a fingerprint identity sensor // a real James Bond’s feature, I like it!
. No more passcode to type in every 35seconds to check your iPhone
. It will also work to buy content on the iTunes and AppStore without entering the password // neat!
2. a new faster chip (A7) // faster is good.
3. a more performant camera // sweet as pictures are more and more important for us using Instagram, twitter, Facebook, …
. Burst mode: to take multiple shots (10 pictures per second)
. A new flash (combining a white LED and an amber LED) to light your subject, not to blind him/her
. An auto image stabilisation
. Slow motion video mode
. Finally a zoom while recording a video
. Square format to shoot square pictures
. Panorama pictures with dynamic auto exposure
. Photo filters to apply before or after taking the picture
4. and a faster LTE wireless that works up to 13 LTE bands.

Of course iPhone 5s will run under iOS7!

9 colours new leather cases are also available to protect the iPhone 5S

The 5S comes in 3 colours: gold, silver and space grey.

iPhone 5C is a plastic phone hiding a steel-reinforced frame, available in 5 colours.
Under the hood and A6chip (that is supposed to spare the battery).image
Like the iPhone 5S the iPhone 5C has up to 13 LTE bands. It’s 8Mb camera will deliver quality pictures, and panorama. iPhone 5C will run iOS7.

Iphone 5S and 5C look very sexy, but so far, I’ll stick to my beloved iPhone 5. I have it since January and I don’t want to change every 6 months. I’ll wait for iPhone6!
If you are in, then it will be available on September 20th.

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