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3 Sep

imageGetting organised is not easy, at least not for me!
I even have a cables bag and you don’t want to know what’s going on inside, so I decided to upgrade to the plain and simple Grid-It by Cocoon.
The Grid-It is an organisation system that holds, thanks to its rubberised elastic straps, your accessories together.

The Grid-It comes in different sizes to match your needs, I bought the small one (a little bit smaller than my iPad) that fits in all my bags, priced at 19,95$.

On my grid: 2 gear ties from Niteize, my hotel key, one cable to charge my iPhone 5 and ipad2, one Guide10 external battery to charge my iphone5 (from GoalZero), a golf flat pen and 2 S-Biners.
What’s great about it is that you have a visual check with your belongings and you can easily spot if you forgot something.

Very smart and useful system!

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