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No pain, your gain!

30 Sep

imageWe have this beta fish for 21 months and it’s still alive and swimming in the same ugly square vase as it arrives 21 months ago. Square vase is better than round bowl because it gives bearings to the fish …
With my colleagues we changed the water every once a while (about 2 times a week or less).
Then I discovered the Kickstarter project called NoClean Aquarium.
The concept catches my attention because there was no more changing the water, just refill of water and the dirty water is evacuated through a “faucet”.
When I was in NY, I ordered it online, checked it in and fly it over to unpack it back home.

Basically in the package you’ll find the
. faucet,
. a plastic grill,
. a plastic reservoir,
. a kind of a plastic screw and it’s base,
. a tube
. and some rocks I ordered.

So is it easy to install?
Yes, instructions are ok and fairly easy to follow (no more difficult than building an Ikea shelve).
Is the fish happy? Actually it looks kind of happy, swimming around, sniffing the rocks, playing with the tube.
I didn’t add a plant yet but will do soon.

image image image

What about the special NoClean function? At the end, it’s the reason why I bout the NoClean aquarium instead of another regular fish tank!

This works very well!
Just pour clean, not too warm, not too cold water in the tank and watch the magic, the filthy debris and crumbs run out of the faucet. When enough has been poured the water stops running and the level of the water of the tank goes back to where it was.

I love it and changing the water of the fish is not a chore anymore and it’s even fun!
To be sure to evacuate the dirty crumbs, be sure to place the stones efficiently so it goes down through the stones to the bottom of the plastic cup.

More infos on NoClean Aquarium web site

It’s all about money ?

26 Sep

imageWhen you search the keyword “wallet” on Kickstarter, more than 40 results pop out!
So many wallets, why so many?
Maybe because the wallet is something that we all use everyday, many times a day …
Personally if I do a pocket sweep, I have 4 bank cards, 2 loyalty cards, 1 RFID metro card, a couple of bank notes and one ID.
Often when I go out for diner, I don’t have my Man-Pack and I want to have the essential (one bank card, my metro pass, my key and my iPhone), so I carry them separated (cards in the pocket, penh one in the hand, key in the other pocket, …), all ready to be lost.

My dream wallet would be an easy to use wallet, slim, that I can slip in my pants pocket, strong enough so I can seat on it while in my back jean pocket. My dream wallet would be a colourful wallet that I could show off, stylish and handy.

imageMeet the Simple Wallet 2.0, a project on Kickstarter. More than 2.467 backers supported this project!
Simple 2.0 Wallet is made with Italian Leather and a high-quality elastic (great to secure your iPhone to your wallet or add more cards). It’s a 3 pockets-wallet equipped with a loop (great for the keys of simply to tight it inside your bag). The simple 2.0 is perfect for up to 15 cards.
It’s handcrafted and made in Virginia.

Be fast because the deadline is October 4th.

Got a piranha in the pocket!

22 Sep

imageOften when I’m working outdoor, I need scissors, something to cut carton boxes open, open a FedEx plastic envelop, unpack products, … And in the middle of nowhere what’s left to you is your bite and nails … Maybe not!
I’ve been benching solutions for quite a time now and recently found the Piranha Alpine Knife by Trango.
It’s a small pocket knife made from surgical 440-C stainless.
The Piranha is small and can be the beat friend of your keyring.
The blade is dented and cuts really well (watch the fingers or no more piano lessons) but Trango thought about it and it’s advised to carry the Piranha on a regular carabiner and it won’t open itself.
When you are finished your work with the Piranha, you’ll be able to open bottle thanks to it’s bottles opener.

image image image

. Dimension (blade: 1″/26mm, Piranha closed: 2,4″/6cm)
. Weight: 2,7oz, 19mm
. Price: 19,95$
Now you can say small, light and efficient as a Piranha!

If you are a regular outdoor person this will greatly help you but you might need another blade for long heavy work as because of it’s small size it may be uncomfortable.

I also have the Curve by Gerber (which brings to the plate many different screw imagedrivers and a bottle opener), 9,99$

More about the Piranha
. Follow @hardwear

PS: don’t forget to check it in, as blades even tiny ones are not TSA-approved.

iOS7, walk with me, part2

19 Sep

Let’s continue to explore the basics of iOS7.
Search my iPhone
2013-09-19 10.50.16Looking for the search my iPhone ? I use this a lot when I need to call or text someone or when I don’t want to look for an app in my folders.
Swipe down from the middle of the screen to the bottom and the screen pops up your home screen.
Nothing changed there.

Multitasking 2013-09-19 17.31.02
The multitasking is there too but slightly upgraded. You’ll see the running apps as usual but also a preview of the page which is useful.

2013-09-19 09.43.21Stills available from the locked screen.
The camera now is provided with a square mode (great for Instagram, you will not have to crop your pictures any more) and some filters effects that you can test and apply before taking the picture (only available to iPhone 4s and up).
You can finally zoom while recording videos and this is great!
Sharing experience is upgraded too with the airdrop. Layout changed but we’ll get used to it.

2013-09-19 13.03.48 2013-09-19 13.03.58 2013-09-19 13.19.58

The gestures
With a new iOS come new gestures.
You want to kill and app that is working in the background?
Double-click the home button as usual and hold the page of the app you want to close and slide it up.
When in Safari, swipe horizontally to browse through the opened pages.

2013-09-19 13.36.26 2013-09-19 14.31.22 2013-09-19 14.30.58

Check out iOS7, walk with me part1

IOS7, walk with me, part1!

19 Sep

2013-09-19 10.07.03The long awaited iOS7 update available to download for your iPad and iPhone!
I downloaded this morning and wanted to share and debrief about this new iOS version.
Before updating,

1. You NEED to check that you have the backup on the cloud set on ON and that you have a recent backup on the cloud, then if anything goes wrong, you won’t lose anything and will be able to go back to your content.
2. Have at least 60 minutes of spare time to let the update run itself, on my iPhone it announced a 7 minutes operation and lasted 45 minutes.
Now, iOS7 is installed on my iPhone 5, let’s discover the long awaited upgrades.

2013-09-19 08.39.14 2013-09-19 08.38.55 2013-09-19 08.39.23

2013-09-19 09.43.21The locked screen is graphically slightly different, but you still have access to the photo mode by tapping the bottom right photo icon, and a slide to unlock your phone. The unlock slide prompts the password lock, I disabled it as my phone is never more than 2″ away from me (>settings >Password Lock > off).

The home screen is graphically different, but you recognise the surrounding, you are not lost but not really 2013-09-19 09.27.57at home.

Sliding down brings the notification center to the screen as before but now you can see the “today/all/missed” notifications. It doesn’t really change my life but it’s handy.

2013-09-19 09.30.17 2013-09-19 09.33.28

When sliding from bottom to top, you’ll open essential founctions that before you had to dig down in the settings menu, this is called “the control center”. Now in one tap, you can reach the calculator, the flashlight the calculator, the music, the Bluetooth, the wifi, the airplane mode, the music, the clock/timer/alarm/chronograph and also the sleep and log mode. I like it.

Part2, very soon

. Be sure to have the backup on the iCloud option always ON
. Set the Locate My phone on ON, always!

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