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Got your degree in cables management ?

3 Aug

On the way to get graduated on cables management, what about you ?

1. The cables ties.
Let’s start slow with the Gear Tie from Niteize.
I use them everyday to tie my iPhone cables as well as my headset cables.
It works well, gives me the opportunity to save room, untangle them nicely when I need to use them.
The gear ties come in different colours and sizes (3-inch, 6-inch , assorted 16 Pack, …), with it you can basically tie anything (even big and heavy things) with style.

Photo 14-07-13 8 44 36 PM Photo 14-07-13 8 47 35 PM

That’s already a nice effort to keep it clean but …

2. Cables management 101, the tip of the iceberg.
Photo 3-08-13 6 46 47 PMI discovered the Un-Jungle Kickstarter project some months ago.
It should help me sort my cables out on my desk. Nice effort. It should arrive very soon in my mailbox … I’m impatient.

But what’s going on under my desk or behind the TV? Freaky, full of dusty cables not really looking  design … I need a solution!

Photo 3-08-13 6 35 01 PM (HDR)
3. Cables management 102, let’s solve the issue with …
the Blue Lounge Design cable box management system.
The Cable box, big enough to store your power strip, the cables and adapters (max length 15.6in/39,8cm on 6in/15,4cm, heights is 5.3in/13,4cm).
No many colour choices are available but as the goal is to lay low and not attract the eyes … black or white will do.
This box comes with rubber feet so it won’t slip.

It also exist in a mini version and various colors (blue, yellow, green, orange, pink, white and black).CB_desc_01
Now, you know what to do to keep it clean and untangled, happy Back to School 😉
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