My 10 favorite japanese food 4/10, agar agar

1 Jul
powerAgarAgar stripesAgaragar

Also called kanten in Japan, the agar agar is made from red algae.
It has no taste no oder and is full of minerals.
Agar agar contains lots of fibers (good for your intestine and it can be considered as a detox food).
You might know it for its powerful gelling power (8 times more powerful than gelatine from pork, but vegetal).

To use agar agar, you need to boil it with a liquid (it can be water, juice, …), then when it cools down that’s when it solidifies.

Agar agar is sold as a powder or dried strips.

FrameMagicI use the agar agar powder to make solid vinaigrette (shaped in space invaders) or jelly dessert.
I bought lots of funny moulds (I use the soft silicone ice cubes ones with funny shapes).

Now, let’s try to impress you with this super easy agar agar dessert recipe (low calories dessert).
You’ll need
. Agar agar powder
. Cane sugar ( more flavour then the white sugar)
. Kinako powder (roasted soybean powder, tastes like peanuts)

Just follow those easy steps and it will be done in no time.
. Boil the water with the agar agar
. Put the mix in a shaped recipient
. Wait for it to solidify
. Cut in cubes or shape them with a spaghetti maker like on the picture
. Then dust with kinako powder
. And eat in front of the TV 😉

Photo 11-06-13 10 27 40 PM Photo 11-06-13 10 28 09 PM Photo 11-06-13 10 28 34 PM (HDR)

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