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My favourite japanese food 3/10, the black garlic

27 May

Photo 9-05-13 11 44 18 PMAll is good in the garlic! but it’s even more true with the black garlic!
The black garlic is a fermented garlic, a fermentation process (under strictly controlled heat and humidity during 40 days) invented by Mr Taniguchi Itaru.

The transformation from white to black garlic not only brings antibiotic and antioxidant properties to the garlic but lots of other good stuff that will benefit your health, and last but not least it looses its smell!

Photo 9-05-13 11 47 38 PM

Black garlic ID
. Color: black
. Taste: sweet-tangy nectar, sweet and balsamic taste, liquorice taste // often referred as Unami taste (the 5th taste)
. Texture: jelly-like

Black garlic presents the following properties
. Twice as many antioxidants than raw garlic
. Lots of minerals and vitamins, lots of polyphenols
. S-Allycysteine (supposed to be a factor in cancer prevention)
. Helps to improve blood circulation
. And cherry on the cake, no garlic smell after eating it !

How to enjoy black garlic ?
. Eat it as a snack
. Use as spice in recipes
. and be sure to keep the skin of the cloves to make some tea (6 cloves skin in a hot cup of water)

I buy my black garlic cloves in my Japanese grocery shop, but now lots of producers of black garlic will offer you a full range of products from the cloves, peeled cloves, power, paste or extract. The top Chefs are fighting to get it and experience its taste in their fine recipe, so check it out.Photo 9-05-13 11 47 13 PM (HDR)

Also check my other favorite Japanese food: the tororo kombu and the shiso leaf.

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