Update on the Inlet

23 May

Breaking news, update on the Inlet,

Remember, the Inlet has been introduced by Livinplug on Kickstarter 48 hours ago.  They are reaching out to you to help them produce their smart plug called the Inlet. Samuel Leichman (co-founder) just gave us an update on the project.


. Tell us about the frantic 24 hours before the Inlet went life on kickstarter ?
The 24 hours before we went live was actually not frantic at all, more like the calm before the storm. Although KS says they try to review in 1-2 days it took us about 6 days to get approved. Luckily we had prepared our contact lists and media lists ahead of time so we were ready to go there. did a lot of refreshing of the KS page waiting for the approval message to come on!

. You have a great product and concept, what’s important 

to stand out on Kickstarter ?
We are still trying to figure that out. although we are 20% to our goal we are still figuring out what message is resigning most. a clear vision and passion in the project are our best fallbacks.

. What’s the people reaction to the Inlet ?
Overall very positive

. What did it change in your daily routine?We have been live now for 2 days – and it has been all consuming. we would like to bring some balance back into our day next week so we can continue to focus on the product.

Stay tuned for more on the Inlet.


More infos.
. “No more ugly, but safe and handy outlets“, our interview
. Official LivingPlug
. Follow @uglyoutlet
Back the Inlet on Kickstarter

7 Responses to “Update on the Inlet”

  1. viveka May 24, 2013 at 11:40 AM #

    Love it … about time we changed our wall plugs to the way of life we have today.
    Thanks for the link to the video.l

    • chaseitorbchased May 24, 2013 at 11:43 AM #

      I think so too. And adding a USB plug is smart too ! Gonna back it !

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