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My 10 favorite japanese food 2/10, the shiso leaf

7 May

japanese cookingMy 2nd favorite japanese food is a leaf, a shiso leaf.
The shiso leaf is used in the japanese restaurants (in the Chinese ones, you’ll find the little green plastic separation) generally on the sushis/sashimis plate to separate the sushis/sashimis.
It can also be used as topping on sashimis or on tofu.

Shiso leaf on sashimiShiso on my sashimis shisothe leaf Shiso leaf on tofuShiso on my tofu

Shiso is sometimes called the japanese basil or beefsteak plant.
It tastes like anise and if you don’t know what it is you may thing it’s just a decoration. No, it’s not!
You are more than welcomed to eat it because it’s full of dietary fiber, calcium-iron-potassium, vitamin A-C and riboflavin.
It’s also use to preserve food due to its anti-bacterial properties.

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