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4 cool projects to back

3 May

I’ve been browsing on Kickstarter and discovered some great projects worth mentioning to you.
20130503-142958.jpg1. The Statement Bike Rack, a piece of art and also a bike rack!
I wish I had a bike when I see the great piece of art created by Daniel Sculnick from California.

2. The Bootlegger Modular Pack System, in short The backpack you need!
Great suspension system on which you’ll be able to assemble one of the 3 available bags: the Torpedo Hydration pack, the Scrimshaw Dry bag or the Hoppy Day Pack. Basically choose the bag right to your adventure style of the moment … Created by the Boreas Gear in San Francisco.

3. The D*table, the table I have been looking for … Not just a table, many tables in one based on a mathematica formula, how cool is that ? Very cool! Architects and designers David Ben-Grünberg and Daniel Woolfson are based in UK.

4. Glowing plants, you’ll cut your electricity bill with those plants or just have fun whatching them grow. I don’t have the green hand, but I am very tempted to try grow those smart bulbs. Created by Anthony Evans.

Those projects have not been founded yet, they need help.

More infos on
. The Statement Bike Rack
. The Bootlegger Modular Pack System
. The D*table
. Glowing plants
. Kickstarter

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