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What to do with your zillion Picts on your iPhone ?

30 May

So you have your iPhone for some time now and of course you take a lots of pictures, sometimes so much that your iPhone memory becoming full and with vacations around the corner you want to be ready for your new memories.

3 questions hit your brain
1/ How do I transfer my pictures ?
2/ Where do I save them
3/ How to access them afterwards ?

Been there, done that … so let’s me help you.
Of course, you can synchronize of your iPhone with the cable linked to your computer through iTunes (I don’t like it because it takes time and then you have to parameter what content you want to sync or not). iPhoto will create an event including the pictures imported.
Or …
You connect your iPhone to your Mac (don’t synchronize it with iTunes) and use the soft called Image Capture (it comes with your Mac).
It will show you all the pictures on your iPhone and give you the possibility
. to copy the selected pictures to your hard drive
. and also to erase them after hard copying them (freeing space on your beloved iPhone).

Screen Shot 2013-05-18 at 9.01.32 AM Screen Shot 2013-05-18 at 9.03.37 AM Screen Shot 2013-05-18 at 9.06.12 AM
Screen Shot 2013-05-18 at 9.08.10 AM Screen Shot 2013-05-18 at 9.10.19 AM

Your iPhone will then been empty and will only contain the pictures from your PhotoStream.

Little note on the PhotoStream,
. You’ll have access to your last 1.000 pictures thanks to the iCloud. If you took 1.001 pictures, the last picture will chase the 1st picture you took.
. The iCloud keeps track of the last 1000 pictures taken by your eDevises so you would still be able to show off with your last pictures to friends BUT they won’t be stored on your iPhone.

What I also do, because your HD is not extensible and you need a computer around to retrieve your pictures, I use the Dropbox app with its  function “Camera Upload“.
Screen Shot 2013-05-18 at 9.00.35 AM
. It will automatically upload your iPhone pictures when wifi-connected (no data consumption from your mobile subscription) and the App launched.
. You’ll be able to browse through you pics whenever you want while connected (you have thumbnails to easily pick the pic you need).
. Need one pic from your storage ? Just download it to your phone.

Downside of this you’ll have to manage your Dropbox storage capacity, and it’s not cheap.
Upside, your dropbox comes with a free 2Gb and each friend opening an account will give you an extra 500Mb !

Good to know, for this article you will need
. Image Capture
. iPhoto
and you might consider downloading
. DropBox
. And activating PhotoStream from Apple

My favourite japanese food 3/10, the black garlic

27 May

Photo 9-05-13 11 44 18 PMAll is good in the garlic! but it’s even more true with the black garlic!
The black garlic is a fermented garlic, a fermentation process (under strictly controlled heat and humidity during 40 days) invented by Mr Taniguchi Itaru.

The transformation from white to black garlic not only brings antibiotic and antioxidant properties to the garlic but lots of other good stuff that will benefit your health, and last but not least it looses its smell!

Photo 9-05-13 11 47 38 PM

Black garlic ID
. Color: black
. Taste: sweet-tangy nectar, sweet and balsamic taste, liquorice taste // often referred as Unami taste (the 5th taste)
. Texture: jelly-like

Black garlic presents the following properties
. Twice as many antioxidants than raw garlic
. Lots of minerals and vitamins, lots of polyphenols
. S-Allycysteine (supposed to be a factor in cancer prevention)
. Helps to improve blood circulation
. And cherry on the cake, no garlic smell after eating it !

How to enjoy black garlic ?
. Eat it as a snack
. Use as spice in recipes
. and be sure to keep the skin of the cloves to make some tea (6 cloves skin in a hot cup of water)

I buy my black garlic cloves in my Japanese grocery shop, but now lots of producers of black garlic will offer you a full range of products from the cloves, peeled cloves, power, paste or extract. The top Chefs are fighting to get it and experience its taste in their fine recipe, so check it out.Photo 9-05-13 11 47 13 PM (HDR)

Also check my other favorite Japanese food: the tororo kombu and the shiso leaf.

Update on the Inlet

23 May

Breaking news, update on the Inlet,

Remember, the Inlet has been introduced by Livinplug on Kickstarter 48 hours ago.  They are reaching out to you to help them produce their smart plug called the Inlet. Samuel Leichman (co-founder) just gave us an update on the project.


. Tell us about the frantic 24 hours before the Inlet went life on kickstarter ?
The 24 hours before we went live was actually not frantic at all, more like the calm before the storm. Although KS says they try to review in 1-2 days it took us about 6 days to get approved. Luckily we had prepared our contact lists and media lists ahead of time so we were ready to go there. did a lot of refreshing of the KS page waiting for the approval message to come on!

. You have a great product and concept, what’s important 

to stand out on Kickstarter ?
We are still trying to figure that out. although we are 20% to our goal we are still figuring out what message is resigning most. a clear vision and passion in the project are our best fallbacks.

. What’s the people reaction to the Inlet ?
Overall very positive

. What did it change in your daily routine?We have been live now for 2 days – and it has been all consuming. we would like to bring some balance back into our day next week so we can continue to focus on the product.

Stay tuned for more on the Inlet.


More infos.
. “No more ugly, but safe and handy outlets“, our interview
. Official LivingPlug
. Follow @uglyoutlet
Back the Inlet on Kickstarter

Enlight me

19 May

Photo 7-04-13 8 34 14 PMBooks are way in, its not all about eBooks!
When you read a book, the light is important so I decided to bench 3 portable lights that you might like.

1. The supposed to be handy 2-LEDs bookmark by Moleskine, the Luna by GoalZero and the WakaWaka light.Photo 7-04-13 8 34 56 PM (HDR)
The 2-LEDs Bookmark is easy to charge through an incorporate USB
It’s also a bookmark which is a great idea.
But, and designed to be used as a bookmark too, it sounded like a great idea.
Testing it was not so fun, not a great beam, only lightning one page at a time.

 ChaseIt because
. It’s a one in two tool: a bookmark and a reading light

BChased because
. It only lights up one page at a time, can’t flip the page
. It’s not really handy, doesn’t hold straight
. The light is more blinding you than it lights up the page you read
. It’s too expensive (20euros)

2. The Luna by GoalZero, is a 10-led light powered by a computer, an handy Switch 8 or a usb plug.
The beam is way larger and it’s easy to direct the light thanks to its flexible and bendable cord to wrap it around object to secure it.
ChaseIt because it’s handy and useful and it’s a great value 9,90$

3. The WakaWaka Solar Lamp, a 2 leds-light powered by the sun.
Basically it has been designed to replace the oil lamp the people use when they don’t have electricity at home (it prevents fire, and burn injuries).
One full solar charge will give you
. 8 hours of bright ambient light
. 16 hours of bright reading light
. 80 hours of soft night safety light
It can only be charged by the sun, no sun no light. I use it home a night light.

Photo 4-04-13 11 16 34 AM1. Photo 4-04-13 11 11 27 AM (HDR)2. Photo 7-04-13 8 46 01 PM3.

1. The Moleskine Bookmark
2. The GoalZero lumina mounted on the Switch 8 charger
3. The WakaWaka light

My 10 productive apps

14 May

Photo 9-05-13 11 22 52 PMI use them everyday, many times a day and I thought they were worthwhile sharing them with you. With those, you’ll optimize the your time and discover new uses of your devices. If you have favorite apps, don’t hesitate to share.

1. iThoughts, 7,99$ //available for iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, PC //

THE Mindmap application. If you are new to mind mapping, Mindmap is a way to organize your thinking about a project in order to handle it more productively. Instead of writing big powerpoints/Keynote presentations, just throw the ideas on a paper and organize them with a Mindmapping app, you will never miss a deadline again! Great tool to follow every steps of a project and reach your objectives. You have to get used to it, but as soon as you get it, you’ll use it forever (learning a lesson at school, preparing your next travel, handling a new position at the office, …) Photo 8-05-13 10 10 41 AM

ithoughts Photo 8-05-13 10 11 28 AM Photo 8-05-13 10 12 57 AM

The Plus: if I knew this technic before, I would have been better at school ……

2. Goodreader, 4,99$ //available for iPhone, iPad, Android //

Worth any dollars spent. It’s the universal reader for any kind of documents … a.pdf document, a powerpoint one, a word one… whatever the format, Goodreader will read it.

Goodreader Photo 8-05-13 11 16 55 PM Photo 8-05-13 11 19 16 PM

The Plus: with Goodreader, you’ll be able to correct a document (hand writing of typing), to underling sentences, to sign contracts … and to send it back to your team to work on it with your remarks.

3. Worldmate, free. Gold version available for 9,99$ //available for iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, PC //

Worldmate is the companion to travelers Flying away ? Need infos about a boss’s plane landing in the next hour ? Stucked somewhere and need a flight to leave asap ? Worldmate is for you then. Cherry on the cake the app comes with a currency converter, a tip calculator, weather forecast, the calendar sync. It keeps tracks of your past trips and it’s easy to share your trips with you family or colleagues, as well as your Linkedin contacts thanks to the sharing tool. Available for iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry.

worldmate Photo 8-05-13 11 24 16 PM Photo 8-05-13 11 24 23 PM
Photo 8-05-13 11 24 46 PM Photo 9-05-13 9 26 11 AM Photo 9-05-13 9 26 32 AM

The Plus: you are not alone anymore. With Worldmate, you have a personal travel agent always ready to kick when your agent back home is sleeping because of the time difference.

4. NOAA Cast Pro, 1,99$ //available for iPhone, iPad, Android //

The weather around the world with all the details. Bookmarks of your favorite cities, all the accurate infos you need to know to plan your day wherever you are or going to. The satellite view is cool. Forecasts and alerts when you are in the US.The Plus: when is it going to rain ? You’ll receive an alert so you have the time to bring back your solar panels back inside … you will also know all about storms, hurricanes coming your way and have time to prepare.

Photo 2-05-13 9 11 29 AM Photo 8-05-13 11 29 09 PM Photo 8-05-13 11 29 46 PM
Photo 8-05-13 11 28 20 PM Photo 8-05-13 11 28 51 PM Photo 8-05-13 11 27 12 PM

5. What’s App, free //available for iPhone, iPad, Android //

To stay in touch with your friends (kind of a blackberry messenger), I use it all the time . Works for iPhones, Blackberry and Android. Mandatory. Be aware if you don’t have 3G cover your messages won’t get through and you’ll have to go back to texts.Want tu customize your What’s App? Check this out!


6. Scout (in the US) or GoogleMaps (in Europe) //available for iPhone, iPad, Android //

Great GPS app to guide you anywhere in the US. Vocal guidance, avoidance of Trafic, ETA time, … All is there to replace your old GPS. Need to find a restaurant or a pet store next door? Scout is there to help! Can’t do without in the US. If you don’t use Scout, GoogleMaps is great too. Vocal instructions, alternative itineraries, ETA, … multitasked (continues to guide you even if you are texting or calling a friend).

scout 2013-03-29 20.17.51 2013-03-29 21.11.49

The Plus: really ggod app, which does all the tricks you would expect from a regular GPS, you can also configure the arrow representing you looking like a hummer, … funny and useful.

6.1/2. Googlemaps is a great GPS (without speed indication) but works perfectly. I use it instead of the TomTom which maps I never updated. Voice guidance is great and understandable (it’s funny when he says the French names of the street in English), street view is also in.

google-maps-iphone Photo 9-05-13 9 54 19 AM Photo 9-05-13 9 53 59 AM
Photo 9-05-13 9 54 12 AM Photo 9-05-13 10 13 23 AM Photo 9-05-13 10 13 15 AM

The Plus: great app, easy, plain and simple.

7. Pixter, 1,99$ //available for iPhone, iPad, Android //

The app to convert any picture of a text in text that you will be able to use thanks to a powerful OCR program. Basically, take a picture of an article, click “use” and then wait for the magic to happen: the picture becomes a text you can copy/paste/edit … Very useful if you don’t want to type it over …
1. take a pict or use one you have
2. I took a pict
3. crop the text
4. select the source language
5. let Pixter do its magic
6. the text is there to be used
7. you can event translate it …

pixter Photo 9-05-13 10 51 43 AM Photo 9-05-13 10 52 35 AM
Photo 9-05-13 10 52 42 AM Photo 9-05-13 10 52 49 AM Photo 9-05-13 10 53 24 AM
Photo 9-05-13 10 53 51 AM Photo 9-05-13 10 54 06 AM Photo 9-05-13 10 54 14 AM

The Plus: stop typing over, start scanning. Also great to translate the text you just scan in many languages (there are some mistakes but it does the job). you cn also take a picture of a text to scan it later.
8. Linkedin, free //available for iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, PC // Great to keep in touch with the people you meet during your professional career. Your resume will always be up to date and reachable to any head hunters.


The Plus: never loose your professional address book
9. izDial, 0,99$ //available for iPhone// How many different people are you calling all the time ? Less than 10! With izDial you will be able to call your closest friends by taping one of the 12 spots available to be customized. Basically your 12 most important contacts under the thumb ready to be called.

Unknown schneller-telefonieren-mit-dem-iphone-320px-480px

The Plus: your 12 most contacts at the tip of your fingers ready to be called.
10. izText, 0,99$ //available for iPhone// Same as izDial but for text. just one tap to launch the text app.and also BC Reader and Dropbox, that are productive additional apps to will nicely complement the ones above.

680-1-iztext 680-1-iztext2

The Plus: your 12 most contacts at the tip of your fingers ready to be texted.

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