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Small talk in the lift ?

29 Apr

Small talk in the lift ? Let’s prep you with the good infos about the weather.
What do you talk about with your colleagues when enter the lift the morning when you arrive at the office ? You talk about the weather of course !
But you don’t have all the informations, so let’s browse the apps that are out there giving you the best weather forecast.

1. The built-in Weather widget
Advantages: free, built-in, hour by hour and weekly forecasts, low/high temperatures, you can add as many favourite countries as you like, part of the notification center.
Disadvantages: not as completed as could be (no UV, precipitation chances, …).

Photo 21-04-13 10 09 55 AM

2. The weather channel
Advantages: free and paid-app, all is in, UV index, dew point, sunrise and sunset, humidity, visibility and pressure.
Disadvantages: adds in the free apps, paid-app for 3,99$.

Photo 21-04-13 10 13 37 AM Photo 21-04-13 10 13 43 AM Photo 21-04-13 10 13 49 AM
Photo 21-04-13 10 13 54 AM

3. Solar, free
Graphical and beautiful app, pull down to see the next 3 days low/hights forecasted temperatures.
Double-tap the main screen for a split screen with the temp of your favorite cities.
Advantages: free and beautiful, as many bookmarked places as you wish but then you have to slide to switch from one page to another.
Disadvantages: only the temp and forecast for next 3 days.

Photo 21-04-13 10 12 02 AM Photo 21-04-13 10 57 37 AM

4. Haze, 2,69euros
This is a great and beautiful app, full of infos. 3 main screens present the 3 key infos (hours of sun, temperature and chance of rain).
. Hours of sun: sunrise/sunset, % clouds, UV.
. Temperature: high/low, wind speed, feels like temperature.
. Chance of rains: humidity, inch of water expected, pressure, humidity.
Advantages: beautiful interface, one tap on the central number and it reveals additional informations.
Disadvantages: none.

Photo 21-04-13 10 12 43 AM Photo 21-04-13 10 12 47 AM Photo 21-04-13 10 12 52 AM

5. NOAA Radar Pro, 0,89$
The reference when it comes to weather and forecast. It is a great and beautiful app full of infos.
Advantages: all you dream about weather is here (feels like temperature, pressure, humidity, wind, visibility, dew point, 7 days forecast, hour by hour forecast). Bookmarks for your favorite cities.
Disadvantages: none.

Photo 21-04-13 10 31 21 AM Photo 21-04-13 10 09 32 AM Photo 21-04-13 10 09 55 AM

6. Ultraviolet

An ultraviolet index viewer. Geolocalisation an possibility to check the UV index wherever in the world.
Advantages: easy and simple.
Disadvantages: none.

Photo 21-04-13 10 11 49 AM

If you only need one, I would go for the Haze and the NOAA app which bring me all what I need (I know it’s 2 … ;-). Those are complementary to the use of my portable solar panel 😉

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