A bottle with a twist

16 Apr

Photo 1-04-13 1 29 13 AM I was in Palm Springs, home of the desert by 90 degrees and guess what ? I forgot my Klean Kanteen bottle home (more than 9K km away). I had to take action and buy another one. So I decided to pay a visit to the Fresh & Easy food store next door to study the “bottles” market.
Photo 7-04-13 9 44 00 AM
After lots of hesitation, I picked the soft squeeze bottle aqua by Brita, a soft BPA-free plastic bottle that comes with a coal filter. The coal filter reduces the chlorine taste and odor so you can fill it in with tap water.
You can also use the bottle without the filter, drink from the cap or the push-pull cap. It’s great to have 2 caps in one.
On the top of it, it comes with a handy handle, all this for 9,99$.

The filter change lasts 2 months or 40 gallons or 151 liters or 150 plastic bottles.

You can set a reminder on brita.com/reminders so you don’t forget to replace the filter when it’s time.
The 2 filters pack comes at 7,99$.

I also have 2 Klean Kanteen bottles in my collection.
Photo 5-04-13 5 17 45 PMThe “original” stainless steel bottle.
. BPA-free dishwasher safe
. Price: 19,95$ for the 27oz

The double wall insulated Klean Kanteen, great for hot and cold beverages.
But don’t forget your gloves in the winter because stainless steel is cold for your little fingers…
Your hot chocolate will be stay warm for 6 hours and cold beverage cold for 24 hours.
. Klean Kanteen is BPA-free and dishwasher safe.
. Price: 27,95$ for the 16oz

The Klean Kanteen comes with different caps depending what you like (regulat cap, loop cap (great with Biner to hang them), push-pull cap and sippy cap).
I use my insulated Klean Kanteen while in hot climate and I need to keep the liquid cold for a long period of time. The regular aluminum Keam Kanteen is for everyday at work as well as the Brita.
I like to combine my Brita and Original Klean Kanteen with a neoprene sleeve to keep it cold.

More infos on
. Brita official website
. Follow @FilterForGood
.Klean Kanteen official website
. Follow @kleankanteen

6 Responses to “A bottle with a twist”

  1. herschelian April 18, 2013 at 12:02 PM #

    Firstly, thanks so much for deciding to follow my blog, I hope you will enjoy reading it though much of what I write about is very low-tech. China (at the moment) is a curious mix of hi-tech and primitive!

    This post is SO interesting, would that I could just fill a filter bottle with the local (Beijing) tap water and then use it!
    Alas we have to buy water in 5 litre flagons for drinking, cleaning our teeth etc. I do use tap water for some cooking when I know it will be boiled and not part of the dish I’m making.I also use it for washing fruit & veg – though I add special fruit & veg wash liquid (similar to dishwashing liquid but specially made for the purpose). Your post has given me food for thought about another post I should write as to why many Chinese always carry a bottle of coolish tea around with them.

    I’ll be checking out your blog regularly.

    • chaseitorbchased April 18, 2013 at 12:15 PM #

      What’s great is that you don’t have to carry a heavy bottle with you. You just fill it in with tap water wherever you are which is easier. The only down side is to find the replacement filters, but you can order them online. I didn’t know that water was such an issue in China. I’m impatient to read your article.


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