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Blink my cable ?

6 Apr

I discover the Visible Green USB-Dock Connector cables online.
Photo 6-03-13 8 43 59 PM (HDR)The concept is pretty cool.
The cable uses electroluminescence to show the electrical current flowing through the cable to your iPhone/iPad.
Basically the light goes faster, slower or turns off depending on the charging level of your battery level.
The great thing is that it turns automatically the charging off when the iPhone/iPad is fully charged, sparing your portable battery or cutting down your electricity consumption … Pretty clever !

ChaseIt or BChased ?
ChaseIt because
. It’s a cool accessory, the blinking had a 100% wow effect on my colleagues.
. It will look cool next to you bed if you don’t have a night light.
. The price is 19,90$ (19$ for the regular Apple cable).

BChased because
. The cable is thicker and less flexible than the original cable provided by Apple (the led are integrated in the middle of the cable).
. The 30-pins is way thicker than the original one and won’t stick in your iPad or iPhone depending on the case you use to protect your device.
. The 30-pins to micro-USB doesn’t fit properly on the cable.

Photo 6-03-13 2 49 47 PM (HDR) Photo 6-03-13 2 48 55 PM Photo 6-03-13 2 46 43 PM

PS: breaking news, just discovered the Magic Link (price 49euros) which looks more serious cable … need to try this out …

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